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How to Best Support User Adoption When Launching New Recruiting Software

According to a LinkedIn report, 68 percent of recruiting professionals believe the best way to improve hiring performance over the next few years is to invest in new technologies. Leveraging talent acquisition software, like the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, is one key difference between successful and unsuccessful recruiting teams in 2022. It is a primary element in unlocking productivity and scaling for growth. More...

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New Candidate Search Technology Provides Single Interface to Source Talent

I am proud to announce that we just released our new candidate search technology that makes it effortless to search across the open web, social networks as well as hundreds and hundreds of resume databases. We...

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How to Build a Great Profile on LinkedIn

The best job opportunities often appear when you aren’t looking for them. Recruiters look for both passive and active candidates and may be looking for someone like you. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated with well-written, relevant,...

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More Social Profiles Now Submitted with Job Applications

Social profiles have become an increasingly important part of job search and hiring over the past two years since we first introduced social network integrations on our recruiting platform. In February 2009, we made it possible...

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Jobvite Index Shows Hiring Patterns in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

This month we introduced the Jobvite Index which tracks actual social recruiting results. For four years, we have conducted the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey, polling human resources and recruitment professionals on their social recruiting activities and...

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4th Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey: Employers Plan to Recruit More Through Social Media

When we began the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey four years ago, social recruiting was a new idea to many companies. Between then and now, comScore reports that time spent in social networks grew from 1 out...

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The State of Social Recruiting 2011

What's the state of social recruiting in 2011? We've integrated big picture findings from three studies related to social recruiting into this new infographic. Just published: the findings of our fourth annual Social Recruiting Survey, conducted in...

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Social Recruiting on Twitter? Be Real.

Twitter can be incredibly valuable for recruiting. Thousands take to the Twittersphere every day. They talk about the serious or the not-so-serious. They may be passive or active job seekers. One thing that’s for sure is...

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Five Tips When Using Employee Photos on Your Career Site

I love photos of people. Before the Internet, I was a print designer for advertising campaigns, and I learned a lot about lead generation and imagery. When we wanted a positive direct mail piece, we almost always used photos of people. Why? It works.

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Jobvite Raises $15 Million in Series C Funding

Jobvite raised $15 million in Series C funding led by Trident Capital and joined by previous investors CMEA Capital and ATA Ventures. The funding will support rapid growth at Jobvite, where our customer base is now...

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