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7 Ways Retail and Hospitality Recruiters Can Ramp Up for Volume Hiring

By any measure, 2020 was a year that retail and hospitality brands would rather forget. But conditions are improving, and there are signs that things will start to reopen in the months ahead.

That means it’s time for recruiters in retail and hospitality to get ready to start rehiring! Volume hiring is critical to keeping these industries running even under normal circumstances — and that’s even more true as companies look to rebuild their workforces post-pandemic. Now is the time to start evaluating your recruitment strategy, processes, and technology, so you can hire the best candidates quickly when the time comes.

Here are seven ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your volume hiring efforts.

1. Make sure your job descriptions earn an A+

When you need to hire a lot of people in a hurry, reaching the best candidates is critical. And that means creating job descriptions that are engaging, inclusive, and unbiased. Jobvite’s complimentary Job Description Grader tool uses AI, analytics, and benchmarking — combined with current best practices in diversity and inclusion — to review job descriptions, uncover unconscious bias, and make recommendations for more inclusive language. The result: more high-quality applicants and a shorter time-to-hire.

2. Invest now in your employer brand

A strong employer brand is essential to attracting and finding hourly talent who will fit and succeed in meeting customer expectations while driving business results. With so many potential hires on social media, especially after this past year (when that was the only social outlet for many of us), be sure the brand you put on social is one that will attract talent. According to Recruiting Daily employees are ‘taking to channels like social media as an outlet to share stuff like labor practices, the candidate experience or company culture’. Put yourself in a candidate’s shoes, go check out social channels, and make sure you are portraying a brand that people want to work for.

3. Add text-in codes to your job ads

Short text-in codes are a great way to engage potential hires — especially when you need to hire at scale. Text-in codes can be easily added to both digital and print ads, allowing job seekers to quickly respond when they see something that piques their interest. Positions in retail and hospitality are among the easiest to fill using by using short codes in advertisements.

4. Embrace text recruiting

In recent years, text messaging has become increasingly popular for candidate communications. In fact, our 2020 Job Seeker Nation Survey found that 60% of job seekers who received a text message during the hiring process preferred this channel over email or phone communication. Other research has shown that 95% of text messages are read within three minutes, with an average response time of 90 seconds. Text messages can be used to confirm interview appointments, send video links, share relevant web pages, and so much more. If you haven’t already incorporated text messaging into your hiring process, what are you waiting for?

5. Automate hiring with ATS technology for greater efficiency

Filling hundreds or even thousands of openings at once might seem daunting. But technology like Jobvite’s Application Tracking System (ATS) can streamline your recruiting process, helping you hire both smarter and faster. Our ATS solution lets you automate tedious manual tasks like candidate screening and interview scheduling, so you can focus on building relationships with the most qualified applicants. You can also create candidate workflows to ensure a consistent, repeatable process every time — and leverage real-time analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

6. Create and nurture your talent pipeline

Even when you’re hiring at a high volume, there will likely be some qualified candidates who don’t receive an offer. A recruitment marketing solution like the one built into Jobvite’s CRM can help turn these qualified candidates into a robust pipeline of talent for future roles. Simply segment your database based on location or skill, and build targeted campaigns to keep candidates engaged. Then, tap into this ready-made talent pool next time you have open roles that match their profile.

7. Always be recruiting

Recruiting for hourly positions is usually, and hopefully soon again will be, a never-ending process. If you wait to recruit when you have openings, the time-to-hire pressure will be on, and you won’t have the luxury of being more selective. According to SHRM, ‘constant recruiting will result in a greater quantity and higher quality of applicants to choose from, and you’ll increase your chance of finding the best employees when you need them’. Build out a strategic recruitment marketing program to continually engage candidates.

It feels a bit like the lull before the storm. Use this time to make changes to your recruiting process and technology to engage and nurture candidates today, so that you’re ready to hire when we are back open for business. And with the right tools and technology, you can tackle the tasks ahead effectively and efficiently — and help to ensure that 2021 is a banner rebound year for your organization.