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Is Your Recruitment Strategy Missing These Two Critical Components?

In the current age of technology, everywhere you turn, companies are offering mobile apps, smart gadgets and innumerable other ways to stay connected. That’s why it is so important for recruiters to understand that they can no longer simply rely on traditional recruiting methods to engage the best possible candidates.

The most recent statistics show that roughly 63 percent of the world’s population owns a mobile phone that’s capable of accessing the internet, which means that your applicant tracking system needs to be able to keep up with this demographic shift.

This leads to the question of whether it’s better to optimize your recruitment system for a mobile optimized career site or to focus your efforts on enhancing the mobile apply process itself.

Mobile Career Sites

Most career websites are designed to be displayed on a desktop monitor, and this means that the layout often does not translate well to smaller mobile screens. Images may end up in the wrong places, text may be formatted in nonsensical ways, and links may not work properly. A mobile career site aims to solve this issue by optimizing these websites to be functional and aesthetically pleasing when viewed from a mobile device.

Recruiting solutions that incorporate responsive design or mobile-specific elements can go a long way toward attracting the best candidates for your company. Responsive design incorporates HTML in a way that allows your site to be viewed properly on all sizes of screens, and it automatically scales your site for optimal interaction with touch screens.

Which Is Better?

The truth is that both have an important role to play when it comes to your mobile recruiting software. It’s also imperative to understand that not all ATS software is created equal, so you need a system that will give you access to the best candidates while also allowing you to have total control over performance.

The most successful companies have revamped their websites with responsive design in order to maximize convenience for their desktop and mobile users. Doing this will pay major dividends for all aspects of your organization over the long term.

The stakes are high when it comes to seeking out the most qualified talent for any field, so budgeting the resources for optimizing your organization’s mobile presence is a short-term investment that can give you a major edge in the long term.

A Successful Mobile Strategy Requires the Right ATS

Opting for the best resume tracking software in the industry can make the difference between finding good candidates and finding stellar ones. While you’re assessing your mobile recruitment tactics, be sure that you’ve upgraded to the ATS software that guarantees improved ROIs and lower candidate acquisition costs.