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6 Ways to Streamline Candidate Sourcing with Automation

The job of a recruiter has never been more challenging than it is today. Not only are recruiters facing a historic candidate’s job market, but they’ve also had to pivot quickly from economic downturn to hiring surge — with no end to the uncertainty in sight.

As open requisitions continue to pile up, recruiters are under pressure to fill open roles as quickly as possible. That means finding new ways to streamline processes, save time, and maximize efficiency.

For smart talent teams, the answer lies in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). The AI-powered tools and automated solutions available today can improve operational efficiency in a variety of areas, like sourcing, nurturing, screening, scheduling, onboarding, and more, without sacrificing quality or candidate experience.

Remember: automation is not meant to remove the “human” element from your hiring process. Quite the opposite! When used effectively, automation and AI can create a more personalized experience for candidates and free up recruiters to handle the more human elements of recruiting.

6 ideas to leverage automation for candidate sourcing

By most estimates, the average recruiter spends as much as 30% of their time sourcing candidates. That’s just not feasible when you’re under pressure to fill a lot of open roles in a short amount of time.

With AI-powered sourcing, talent teams can build wider, more diverse talent pools in less time and easily identify candidates with the right skills and experience for each role — ultimately leading to more high-quality hires. Here are a few ideas to help you understand how to leverage automation and AI to streamline your sourcing efforts.

1. Automatic distribution of job postings

Having a centralized place to manage all your job postings can help make the most of your time and budget. Using a tool like Jobvite’s Job Broadcast, you can automatically distribute job descriptions to hundreds of sites — including top job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, plus targeted boards for specific industries and audiences. You can even auto-select posting destinations based on specific job attributes, to make sure each available job is seen by the most relevant candidates.

Centralized job posting management means you can edit or update your job postings across all sites, social networks, and third-party agencies from one system. Job Broadcast also lets you centrally manage your agency relationships and communications to control costs and reduce inefficiencies.

2. Automated talent search

With automation, it’s easy to search for specific skills and experience at scale. Candidate profile data is ingested into your CRM to build a robust pipeline of talent, so you already have a pool of qualified candidates when hiring needs arise.

3. Turn-key mobile candidate nurture campaigns

Take advantage of technology to keep the iron hot with candidates. Using automated text campaigns, you can nurture passive candidates with job notifications and other relevant employment branded content. These automated communications help keep passive candidates engaged and moving toward conversion with minimal effort on your part.

4. Candidate engagement scoring

Sales and marketing teams often use lead scoring to analyze a prospect’s likelihood to buy. And now talent teams can use candidate engagement scoring to gauge how interested a candidate is in coming to work for their company. By tracking and measuring candidate interactions with their employer brand, recruiters can gather engagement metrics for each candidate and focus efforts to build relationships with the most engaged candidates.

AI-powered algorithms help recruiters zero in on candidates who are the most engaged and excited about the opportunity at hand. With insights into each candidate’s interest level, recruiters can segment candidates and target automated outreach campaigns based on real engagement data — not guesswork.

5. AI-driven data analysis

Every talent acquisition team strives to understand which job boards, social networks, and agency partners will deliver the best candidates for any given role. With AI-driven data analysis, it’s easy to see which sources are most impactful at bringing in high-quality prospects, so you can automatically allocate your budget where it will have the most impact. And with native AI built into Jobvite’s Job Broadcast solution, you’ll never have to guess where to place ads, how much to bid, and when to promote.

6. And now introducing… Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing!

To help jump-start your sourcing automation, Jobvite is pleased to introduce Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing, a new way to automatically source and activate qualified candidates. Using AI-powered candidate matching, Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing automatically sorts through your talent pool to identify and prioritize candidates with the right skills and experience for a given job, based on pre-set requirements and data from previous hires. It then auto-generates personalized communications to top prospects, inviting them to apply.

Sourcing and candidate matching has always been tedious and time-consuming for recruiters. With Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing, recruiters need only open a new job requisition and let the system handle the rest. This solution is such a game-changer for recruiters, it has already been named a Top HR Product of the Year by Human Resources Executive.

Let Jobvite help

Whatever challenges you’re facing, the right tools and technology can help you streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and improve the candidate experience. To learn more about all of Jobvite’s automation capabilities, download our new e-book, How to Improve Recruiter Efficiency with Automation.

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