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College Bound Recruiting CRM

Jobvite - College Bound Recruiting CRMResolutions, new calendars, using up those gift cards you received over the holidays – all trademarks of a new year.  If you’re a recruiter or sourcer it is also typically the time of year your organization kicks off college recruiting programs.  Some organizations have a dedicated team or individual to lead their efforts, for the small and scrappy teams they typically take this on as well.  Going to campus career fair events, searching college boards, and hosting events are common approaches.

I’ve witnessed our Jobvite Engage customers begin their college programs in our application.  They’ll start by creating campaigns that target these passive candidates.  Utilizing email campaigns for CRM organization and communication, web page campaigns for events, resume database searches to find undergrads that match their requirements, and our powerful CRM search to target and collaborate on undergrad contacts in their talent pipeline.

By creating targeted email campaigns, they can segment communication to specific schools, skill sets and more.  All along tracking and measuring engagement to help identify contacts that should be moved down their recruitment funnel to the candidate stage.

Our web page campaign builder comes in handy for on-site events.  Our customers create school branded web pages seamlessly integrating our Join Us App to allow booth visitors to self submit themselves into their CRM.  This frees them from having to collect paper resumes and having to truck them back to the office (more time to check-off those resolutions!).

Jobvite Engage also integrates with over a hundred college resume databases, allowing our customers to search and find matches to their requisitions and bring them into their CRM with one click.  Some are free and only require registration with the board, but we also include some of the top paid boards.

Searching and targeting undergrads in the recruiting CRM is easy with our newly launched pipeline search filters.  Jobvite Engage users can filter by school name to target undergrads with email campaigns, Jobvites, one-to-one messages, and more.

If one of your resolutions is to hire undergrads more efficiently and you’re not already using Jobvite Engage, sign up for a product tour today!

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