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What’s in your recruiting technology’s DNA?

New Case Studies Highlight Proven Success with Jobvite TechnologyAs humans, we like to say that our DNA defines us. It’s like specialized coding that’s inherent to our very core—and it makes us who we are. For example, DNA decides the color of your hair. And while you can change that color with the help of a stylist, it doesn’t really change who you are. It’s just an added-on fix. And it fades.

Things are similar in the world of recruiting technology, particularly with respect to social media. Some vendors claim to offer social sourcing or social referral features, or they advertise social connectivity via their Applicant Tracking Systems for sharing jobs. What they really provide, however, are added-on hyperlinks that allow users to connect manually to social networking sites. That’s just hair dye.

The reason I bring this up is simple. Social connectivity is an important element of any hiring strategy. I could provide a laundry list of statistics to back up how prevalent social media is in the job hunt for candidates, and for recruiters, but you might want to comb through that list yourself. The bottom line is that social recruiting is a core strategic component. It’s like DNA. It should be fundamental to your every recruiting effort, and most certainly to every recruiting technology component with which you work. It should most definitely not be bolted on, purchased separately, or just clicked on like an afterthought. Afterthoughts, like hair color, don’t always do the trick.

Jobvite is the original social recruiting solution. We started out by acknowledging the importance of social sharing for open job reqs, far before other vendors, and we have since expanded to build in social functionality natively to every single product we offer. And I mean at the DNA level. We don’t dye your hair.

If you haven’t taken time recently to evaluate how you are incorporating social recruiting into your overall strategies, you might want to do so. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for companies to understand how to use social media to target candidates—even the passive ones—and boost referral volumes.

How are you using social media in your recruiting strategy? Is your technology fitting your needs? Let us know.

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