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Friday Five – The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip Week Four Wrap Up

This week on our road trip we stopped in New York City to learn about how we can upgrade workplace culture by adding intentional inclusivity as well as actionable diversity strategies. We wrapped up the week with the top five take-aways from our experts.

Top Five Take-Aways

5. Flexibility is key to an inclusive culture

In this week’s Two Talented Tuesday session, we were joined by Johanna Lucas, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, and Julie Sowash, Executive Director of Disability Solutions and co-host of Crazy and the King Podcast, to discuss building inclusivity in any work culture. Recruiters are struggling in this candidate’s market to meet the high expectations for workplace culture—especially with remote work flexibility. Even though some companies have preferences for a full 9-5 in-office workday, they are missing the benefits to offering remote flexibility for employees.

“It has shown employers that (for many jobs) having your butt in a seat at 8:00 a.m. is not a requirement to do the job.” – Julie Sowash

Sowash emphasized that offering remote work to any applicable job adds flexibility to all employees—whether they are working parents, have disabilities, or are building a healthy work balance. Leaders like Sowash are seeing that the most effective way to make flexibility work is by leading by example. It’s important to show the way to healthy work culture through your actions. Companies are finding success with demonstrating a priority for self-care and flexibility in the workplace—one example being additional paid time off for mental health. These employees working where their wellbeing is prioritized are happier, more productive, refer their colleagues, and are more likely to stay longer in your organization.

4. Walk the walk in DE&I

During the civil unrest of 2020, employers began taking a critical look at the diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations. It offered an opportunity for all teams to reflect on where they can improve for a better, more diverse work culture to foster inclusivity and belonging. Many organizations took this information and ran with it, however, the work is never over.

“The flexible model is giving us another opportunity to be inclusive. And whether or not we seize that opportunity is going to be the real question.” Johanna Lucas

It’s important as recruiters and leaders to continue to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces in organizations. This means everything from targeting underrepresented groups for hiring to creating employee resource groups to advocate for change.

Here are a few ways that employers are finding success in their DEI efforts:

  • Offer remote work to any applicable job to provide flexibility
  • Create accommodations that are offered to everyone to ensure that anyone can perform their job functions without barriers
  • Treat DE&I like a business unit—measure, improve, and measure again

3. Build positive culture by being intentional

In this week’s Working Session Wednesday, we joined M.T. Ray, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to learn about building culture in the workplace. Ray discussed how companies can struggle with building and maintaining culture in this new world of work and how important culture is to the success of your company.

“Culture trumps strategy every day of the week.” – M.T. Ray

In this remote working world, it’s hard to be successful without a strong, inclusive culture. Companies are finding success by being intentional about building a safe and balanced workplace for their employees. This includes investing in the employees that make up your culture. Strong communication among teams, especially from leadership, is the vehicle that will take your culture to the next level! Practices like sharing communication preferences amongst teams, sending follow-up notes after meetings, and making sure your team stays connects show that leadership is intentionally building an inclusive culture.

2. Be your brand!

One of the most important keys to recruiting success is a strong employer brand and candidate experience. Many companies are struggling to recruit in this market without a clear brand and set of values. Candidates expect your employment value proposition to fit their own values and needs. So, how do you create the best employer brand and candidate experience?

Ray also shared that it’s not enough to just have an employer brand and set of values—you need to live them! Employers are finding success by developing simple, clear values to build their brand around. Be sure that these values are simple and easy to understand.

Once you’ve established your organization’s values, try these tips for living and amplifying your employer brand:

  • Create content focusing on the values, employee stories, and DE&I strategies within your organization
  • Share your brand message and culture across all channels like career sites, social media, job boards, and advertisements
  • Evaluate all of your brand touchpoints from a candidate’s perspective and work to make them as easy as possible to navigate, plus make it easy to apply for jobs

1. Let technology work for you

Mitigating biases in hiring, targeting the right audience for your hiring goals, and engaging candidates with inclusive language is often difficult, time-consuming work. No need to worry! We’ve got you covered.

Recruiters across all industries are building their inclusive cultures with simple clicks—and you can too. In this week’s Walk Through Thursday, we got to see the automated tools that are helping bring DE&I programs to life. Utilize the Job Description Grader by Jobvite to identify biased language in your job descriptions or create career site pages that showcase your values, culture, and commitment to diversity within your organization.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for joining us in the Big Apple for this week of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip! Our experts brought the latest on creating an inclusive workplace culture—packed full of actionable tips and strategies. Don’t forget to register for the rest of this summer’s sessions! Next week we’re hopping across the pond and stopping in London to hear from another panel of experts on the importance of communication. Ready to improve your culture through inclusivity? Request a demo with us today!