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Friday Five – The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip Week One Wrap-Up

We kicked off the Summer to Evolve this week with some fantastic sessions! In our first stop of Seattle, we were joined by TA experts as they discussed ramping up post-pandemic hiring. Here are our top five take-aways from a great first week.

Five Take-Aways from Week One of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip

5. Communication and Flexibility are Key to Navigating Changing Candidate Needs

As Joel Cheesman, founder and co-host of popular the Chad & Cheese podcast, pointed out at the beginning of our Two Talented Tuesday discussion, “We are entering a kind of ‘perfect storm’ for recruiters now.” No matter the industry or role, candidates have shifted their expectations and priorities in 2021. Overall, they are expecting more transparency from employers during the job search process and have new requirements for taking a new role – including opportunities for internal mobility, remote work flexibility, and compensation.

Michael Wright, Global Head of TA at GroupM summed it up perfectly in our Two Talented Tuesday discussion. “Candidates are choosier than they’ve ever been before and they’re asking questions that we maybe don’t have the answers for.”

With a portion of the workforce not looking to return to work quite yet, combined with recruiters needing to backfill positions, it’s harder than ever to win over the best candidates. Recruiters have the challenge of screening candidates with high expectations while competing from a smaller pool of talent. Yet they‘re finding success by providing clear communication and meeting candidates at these expectations when they can.

4. Powerful AI Tools Save Time for Recruiters to Hire Smarter

With so many job openings across every industry and savvier candidates, it can seem like you’ll never fill those requisitions. The good news is that there are powerful TA tools that will automate tedious tasks, message candidates, filter applicants, and more to make recruiting smarter. Michael Wright shared how GroupM utilizes Jobvite for their high-volume hiring needs in this post-pandemic job market. GroupM has had to hire double the number of new hires with half the recruiters. In fact, they’re currently using the Jobvite TA suite to hire over 1,300 employees per quarter!

“While we had less resources, we got more efficient as a recruiting team and that will stay with us as we ramp back up.” – Michael Wright

Adding efficiencies into your recruiting process not only saves time but it ensures that candidates get a consistent experience. Recruiters are already burnt-out. Candidates want to communicate with someone frequently and regularly to answer their questions during the process. Automated messaging is a tool that recruiters are utilizing to save time and communicate with candidates, while a full end-to-end TA suite will provide your team with smarter tools and strategies to ramp up hiring in 2021.

3. Nurture Your Talent Pipeline Using Automation

In this week’s Working Session Wednesday, we were joined by Jason Berkowitz, Senior Account Manager at Jobvite who shared his tips for racing back to hiring. Jason discussed how building and nurturing a talent network for your organization is a key strategy for recruiters to fill roles quickly. Whether you’re hiring for high-volume service roles or the occasional specialty role – your talent pipeline should always be fully stocked with candidates that you engage with frequently (at least once a quarter!) In this competitive candidate market, it’s crucial to build relationships so you have ready applicants when a role opens.

With rapid hiring in the market, most candidates will find opportunities before you get a chance to connect with them. This means that you should be constantly sourcing and engaging the types of candidates that you need before you need them.

“A good candidate has the shelf life of a gallon of milk – around 10-14 days.” Jason Berkowitz

A best practice for sourcing in this rapidly moving market is to speak with leadership and hiring managers to see where they think there will be need or where you should focus building a talent pipeline. You can then create a messaging strategy to find these candidates. Increase efficiency through automating tedious tasks like sending an automatic email asking hiring managers for feedback after interviewing a candidate, automatically emailing candidates when you close a job (and telling them about other potential opportunities), and engaging silver medalists for new roles. These tactics can help you engage candidates as well as provide them an excellent experience.

2. Candidates Want an Easy Apply Process!

Candidates are busy whether they’re applying to 50 jobs a day or five. They don’t want to spend too much time on each application, especially if yours is one of several that they’re filling out today. Make it as easy as possible for candidates to apply for open roles in your company. Some industry best practices for an easy application process include:

  • Do not require a candidate to create an account to apply
  • Automatic follow-up through text or email after application
  • Do not require duplication of efforts (IE filling out a resume section after attaching a resume)

Berkowitz shared that when an application requires too many steps or involves duplication of efforts, a candidate is much more likely to drop out. A good idea to evaluate your application process is to apply to one of your open roles! See how many steps it takes or if there are any areas that would stop a candidate from finishing an application. Improving your candidate experience can help you win talent in this competitive market.

1. Recruitment Marketing Can, in Fact, Be Efficient

In this week’s Walk-Through Thursday, we were joined by Jobvite Solutions Engineer Phil Faivre and saw the powerful solutions that recruiters are using for recruitment marketing and sourcing. Jobvite’s talent acquisition suite allows recruiters to connect with the right talent at the right time. In this competitive candidate’s market – that’s a win! Your talent acquisition suite should be stacked with tools like career sites to promote your employer brand and automated messaging to easily connect with candidates on the go. For more information about how Jobvite’s talent acquisition suite can power your post-pandemic hiring efforts, request a demo here!

Final Thoughts

We hope you learned a lot this week in our first stop of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip! This stop was all about ramping up recruiting efforts to prepare for post-pandemic hiring. We showed you the tools that recruiters are using to boost their employer brands and recruit smarter. Be sure to register for next week’s sessions where another group of experts will join us to talk diversity, equity, and inclusion!