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Friday Five – The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip Week Three Wrap-Up

The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip is rolling on and this week we wound up in Toronto where our neighbors to the north taught us how automation can reduce our workloads and identify the right candidates faster. Here are our five takeaways to keep you updated on the latest in recruiting automation.

Five Take-Aways from Week Three of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip

5. Recruiters are improving efficiency with automation and technology

In this week’s Two Talented Tuesday, we were joined by Jobvite’s Kevin Mease, VP of Product Management, and Kevin Grossman, President and Board Member of Talent Board who discussed the ways that recruiters are using automation in their hiring processes. With the job market still changing this year, recruiters have faced drastic increases in hiring volume. So how are they finding success in such a competitive marketplace?

Luckily, technology has come to the rescue. Recruiters are now leaning on talent acquisition (TA) technology to do everything from scheduling interviews and posting jobs to engaging candidates through automated text recruiting messages. With so much to do and so little time to do it, recruiters are winning with automation.

Mease shared some recruiter must-haves in technology during these hectic hiring times. These tools can save precious time and effort:

  • Automated candidate matching in your ATS
  • Automated job postings to important job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Intelligent messaging with candidates for applications, screening, scheduling, and beyond

4. Diversity, inclusion, and flexibility are top-of-mind for candidates

It was brought up at the beginning of this week’s Two Talented Tuesday session that the job market is facing a “Great Resignation”– meaning employees are leaving jobs to find more flexible opportunities and better cultural benefits at new companies. Not only are candidates looking to continue their flexible work schedules that they were given during the pandemic, but they also want to feel represented and included in company culture.

“I don’t want to hear business leaders say anymore that they can’t find the right people.” —Kevin Grossman

In case you haven’t heard, DE&I is also a major focus for candidates today. They’re looking for a company that cares about expanding diversity among their staff, focuses on hiring underrepresented candidates, and is creating an inclusive and supportive culture for all employees. Companies that are winning top talent are ones that examine their biases and work to improve their DE&I every day.

If your organization is struggling to find talent, look at your employer brand and see how you can make adjustments for inclusivity. Use tools like Job Description Grader by Jobvite to identify biased language within your posted roles quickly and easily. And then be sure to examine and re-write job descriptions where necessary, every time they’re posted!

3. Mapping your TA workflow is a must

In this week’s Working Session Wednesday, Customer Success Managers at Jobvite, Lee Goss and Kristen Burwell, provided strategies for streamlining your TA process through utilizing artificial intelligence and automation. Lee Goss suggested that TA teams map out their TA workflow to identify bottlenecks, friction points, road blocks or speed bumps. This process provides your entire team with perspective into how the recruiting workflow functions and identifies opportunities for automation.

One important benefit to automating necessary parts of the hiring process is streamlining communication with stakeholders outside of the TA team. Hiring managers and senior management may not know everything that goes into your process. They aren’t able to see all the steps involved. When you sketch out the process in a diagram, it provides a better window into that process, and more discussion and collaboration across different functional areas within your organization.

2. Automate the mundane to accelerate the hiring process

Use automation to nurture passive talent networks. For example, you could have event attendees that are interested in your company, but are not finding the right opportunity or haven’t been ready to apply yet, and create automated text campaigns which include job notifications or other employer branding content to keep their interest.

“Automating the mundane becomes possible when your data and your ai combine.” —Kristen Burwell

Automation and AI integrated into your ATS is like having a personal butler at your side providing you with top-quality candidates on a silver platter. Other ways automation and AI can reduce your workflow include:

  • Turning passive talent into engaged applicants by segmenting candidates into strategic audiences, then running nurture campaigns to keep them engaged and ready once a requisition fits them.
  • Leveraging text across your candidates’ TA journey. Text recruiting solutions can be configured to handle the apply process with your ATS and even screen candidates, so that you can easily filter out unqualified applicants. Texting can also take care of scheduling interviews. Manually scheduling interviews is a brutal process that drags down time-to-fill, but through integration with your hiring team’s calendars, you can send multiple times to a candidates based on the group’s availability and more easily pick a time that works for everyone.
  • Using a bot on your career site to screen candidates and either send them a list of suggested jobs, or connect them with a live recruiter. This approach can increase apply conversion utilizing natural language processing to better respond to candidates’ questions.

1. Let Jobvite Guide your Automation Journey

A recruiter’s workday is hard enough without the tedium of mundane tasks. Leaving phone messages, waiting on candidate replies, and setting interview times, when viewed at scale, can add days to the recruitment process. Jobvite has the tools to automate those time-consuming actions and make your day more efficient. In our Drive-Thru Thursday session, Jobvite Solution Engineer, Jenn Zazzetti, showed how Jobvite can accelerate recruiter efficiency with tools such as Jobvite’s scheduler, video screening, and intelligent messaging. Contact us to see how we can help!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining us on the road this week in Toronto! We hope our tips on automation can give you more time doing what you love – talking to candidates and finding those future superstar employees. Be sure to register for the remainder of The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip sessions for more of the latest in TA and recruiting. Next up? We head to the Big Apple to learn the benefits of inclusive employee culture. See you on the road!