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Friday Five – The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip Week Two Wrap-Up

Another week of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip is in the books! This week, we stopped in San Francisco and were joined by a new group of experts in the world of talent acquisition – this time to discuss everything DE&I. Here are our top five takeaways to keep you updated on the latest strategies, trends, and discussions in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Countdown – Five Take-Aways from Week Two of Summer to Evolve: Road Trip

5. DE&I in Recruiting is About Authenticity and Follow Through

As discussed in this week’s Two Talented Tuesday session, DE&I needs to be ingrained into your entire business. Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood and Co-Founder and CEO of Workshape, suggested that candidates are looking for authenticity and transparency from businesses around DE&I. Organizations should offer insights into their DE&I efforts and be honest about where they can improve.

“DE&I has got to be baked in to how you operate as a business.”Hung Lee

Candidates have shifted expectations since the start of the pandemic. They want to see that you as a company have committed to improving DE&I over time – even if you aren’t there yet. Your messaging should reflect the genuine goals and actions that are being done as part of your DE&I commitment as well as where you see opportunities for growth. With high expectations from candidates, it’s a challenge for companies to recruit without an established program. Organizations are finding success by being authentic and honest in their messaging about where they are in their DE&I efforts.

4. Mental Health Discussions in the Workplace are Essential for Employee Wellness

It’s easy to forget how the average workplace was before the pandemic. Many workplace cultures discouraged sharing of “home issues” or general life events that were adding to our stress, even if it was affecting our work. HR Consultant and advocate for DEIB and mental health awareness Tamara Rasberry shared in this week’s Two Talented Tuesday that there’s been a great shift in many workplaces due to the pandemic.

The stress of the pandemic combined with new working conditions left a lot of people scrambling to adjust. Remote working showed everyone a new side to their coworkers who could no longer hide what home was like as kids, partners, and pets made camera appearances. As a result, the work-home barrier broke down which humanized employees on a new level. Companies also began to shift focus on how employees were doing mentally, and as a result, began new conversations that were previously taboo in the workplace.

Tamara shared that employers should some take responsibility for the mental health of their employees – especially considering how many hours a week everyone works. While talking about mental health is new for most organizations, many are finding the benefits of doing so. Employers can do this by providing flexible and remote work opportunities, offering free mental health resources, creating a wellness committee that advocates for employees, or even providing paid mental health days.

3. A Diverse Employer Brand is the Key to Recruiting Success

Your employer brand tells candidates, competitors, and clients who you are as a company. It communicates your values and priorities and gives people an idea of what it’s like to work with you. In this week’s Working Session Wednesday, we were joined by Jobvite Customer Success Manager, Chondra Osolo to discuss how to take actionable steps to improve your employer brand with DE&I efforts.

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.”Stephen Covey

Osolo shared that a diverse employer brand can benefit your organization in many ways – increasing profitability, reducing employee turnover, fostering innovation, and enhancing employee engagement. Remember – every company has its starting point with DE&I! Not sure how to start? Use these tips to begin developing your diverse employer brand:

  • Check with your internal teams and identify the gaps in your DE&I strategy.
  • Participate in diverse job fairs and use targeted sourcing to attract diverse candidates.
  • Examine where there may be internal bias during the interview process.
  • Create a strategic diversity recruiting plan with goals and KPIs.
  • Highlight your company’s diverse culture on your website, social media, and career site.

2. Help Your Community Through Partner Relationships

This week’s Working Session Wednesday also brought discussion about the benefits of having community partner relationships in your organization. Community partners can include food pantries, schools, childcare centers, and even senior living facilities in your local area. Building a relationship between your company and a community-facing organization can not only help your local community, but also bring benefits to your team.

Why build a relationship with your community? There are so many reasons! Having one or more community partners can expand your network and allows your company to take on the role of a responsible citizen. These relationships help build a stronger workforce in the future as well as establish your employer brand in the community. Chondra Osolo, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite shared some tips for building successful community partner relationships:

  • Get feedback from your internal team for engagement ideas. Check your DE&I committee, survey coworkers, and chat with internal resource groups.
  • Share a common vision with your community partner.
  • Secure commitments from partners on your shared goals and engagements.
  • Expand your reach by adopting multiple community partners.

1. You Can Get Started Today to Improve Your DE&I Program

This week brought us so many tips, best practices, and stories about DE&I from TA experts. As we discussed in this week’s sessions, small actions can lead to substantial change. As Jobvite Solutions Engineer Phil Faivre shared in this week’s Walk-Through Thursday, companies that focus on DE&I gain community benefits as well as financial. Whether you’re ready to adopt technology like Jobvite’s Job Description Grader, Career sites, and Bias Blocker or looking for small changes to make – you can get started today.

Something that teams are finding beneficial for their DE&I efforts is creating employee committees to advocate for the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all employees. You might even brand it to give it more visibility internally – something we have done with Jobvite Unite, our employee committee for DE&I. Another thing to consider when bringing inclusion into your organization is offering remote opportunities for any job that can work remotely. This is a great actionable strategy that supports those who can benefit from remote work like people with disabilities, working parents, caregivers, and more.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining us on the road this week in San Francisco! We loved hearing about all the top practices, strategies, and trends for DE&I in the workplace. Be sure to register for the remainder of our Summer to Evolve: Road Trip sessions for more of the latest in TA and recruiting.