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Jobvite Presents “The Summer to Evolve”

Join us for 45+ learning sessions over three months for one, unforgettable summer.

Join Jobvite for free learning and community summer sessions!

Following the last few months of health crisis, economic unrest, and societal revolution with the rest of the world, we’ve been reminded of what’s most important to us as a company and as a workforce — community, the need to learn and listen from others, and a commitment to growth, even when it’s hard.

When we thought about how to spend the summer in response to all that our country has seen and experienced, we wanted to offer a space where our customers and anyone interested in the talent world could learn and, well, evolve their recruiting skills and approach to talent. And we wanted to bring a little levity and have some fun along the way!

Here’s what you need to know to be a part of Jobvite’s Summer to Evolve.

What is it?  

It’s a summer full of free content centered around evolving your talent efforts. You can register for 45+ sessions over the next three months ranging from topics like recruitment marketing, onboarding, audience planning, candidate communication, and much more.  

If educational webinars are your thing, we’ve got those. If you enjoy a more casual, interactive experience, we have those sessions, too. We’re even throwing in some celebrity appearances and entertainment options during our Friday sessions to end your week right.  

Why should I attend? 

We hope people attend for consistent opportunities to connect with peers and experts in the talent space, learn new skills and strategies for recruiting and hear real stories about business and talent acquisition growth from top brands who have partnered with us.  

Plus, it’s just good fun.  


Who is invited? 

Everyone! We think people like recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, and HR leaders will find The Summer to Evolve the most interesting and helpful, but we have a little something for everyone 


How do I sign up? 

Visit the official web page of The Summer to Evolve to view all our sessions organized by week and topic, sign up for as many as you want, and share it with your colleagues and friends. 


Can I get a sneak peek?  

We thought you’d never ask! Here’s a quick breakdown of the sessions you can attend during The Summer to Evolve: 

Recruiter Skill Sessions 

Take your mad recruiter skills to the next level. 

When: Every Tuesday @ 2pm EDT 

In the time it takes you to watch another re-run of The Office (no judgment, we do it, too), you could also get a crash course on how to refresh some of the classic skills of sourcing and get a first-look at how these recruiter skills have evolved to include things like automation, AI, and recruitment marketing.  

Two Talented  

See why two heads are better than one, especially in the world of talent. 

When: Every Wednesday @ 2pm EDT 

Join a hosted interview between two experts – inside and outside the HR Tech space – to get fresh perspectives on how talent prefers to search for new opportunities, communicate with talent teams, choose new roles, and what they expect from their companies.  

Jobvite Demo Days 

Discover the ways Jobvite works for you and with you. 

When: Every Thursday @ 2pm EDT 

These Jobvite product demonstrations cover how some of our most popular and newest features help talent teams of all sizes recruit with purpose and hire with confidence.  

The Break Room 

Enter the break room for an end-of-week brain break! 

When: Every other Friday @ 2pm EDT 

Musical acts, meditation guides, and celebrity guest appearances, oh my! Treat yo’ self to some “you time” every other Friday where you’ll hear about speeding passed competition from IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe and learn how Damon Wayans, Jr. And Kris Jones responded to the COVID-19 crisis and expanded into new markets with their app, Special Guest.  

Recruiter Real Talk 

Be a part of our live discussion with a panel of Jobvite customers, prospects, and experts. 

When: Every other Friday @ 2pm EDT 

We’re getting real about the good and the bad that comes with the job of matching the right candidates with the right roles. It’s not a job for the faint-at-heart, and it also comes with unexpected rewards. But don’t just take it from us! Recruiter Real Talk is all about you interacting with real-life customers and prospects.  

Get your summer started off right by exploring all our programs have to offer and sign up today! We look forward to spending the summer with you.  


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