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Summer to Evolve Road Trip Starts Next Week!

We’re so excited to be hosting another year of Summer to Evolve! This year’s Summer to Evolve: Road Trip program features eight jam-packed weeks of sessions led by industry experts discussing hot topics in the world of talent acquisition. Each session is designed to help TA professionals further develop their skills, tactics, and strategies. We hope you’ll join us on the road as we explore topics like automation in high volume hiring, data-driven recruiting for success, agile recruiting in the changing marketplace, and more.

I’ve got my map on the dashboard and thought I’d share 10 of the destinations I’m most excited for. If you’d like to join me, you can register for every session in one click, or hand pick topics and sessions that interest you most. We can’t wait to see you on the road!

Weekly Itinerary

Every week will have sessions hosted by industry experts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Every session is packed with discussions, demos, and trainings to expand your TA skills.

Two-Talented Tuesdays: Moderated insightful, thought-provoking discussions between TA influencers and TA practitioners.

Working Session Wednesdays: 20-minute platform agnostic training sessions taught by Jobvite instructors. These sessions jump into trends in TA and provide you with actionable take-aways and best practices to share with your team.

Walk-Thru Thursdays: Weekly product demonstrations from Jobvite Solutions Engineers. We deep dive into Jobvite’s TA Suite to improve your candidate quality, employer brand, and TA success.

10 sessions we’re excited to attend at Summer to Evolve: Road Trip

You know how road trips work. You want to be able to visit every place on your list, but sometimes you don’t have the time. That’s ok! While every session is interesting, here are ten to highlight.

Efficient Recruitment Marketing Tools to Ramp Up QuicklyThursday, June 10 (2:00pm EDT)

In this session, Phil Faivre, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how to optimize sourcing efforts by capitalizing on current and growing talent pools. Learn how to use embedded communication tools to connect with talent wherever they are. You’ll also learn how to use best-in-class career sites to promote your employer brand to candidates.

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DE&I – Moving from Strategy to ActionWednesday, June 16 (2:00pm EDT)

Join Chondra Osorno, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to understand the importance of moving DE&I from strategy planning to action. You’ll learn actionable tips for establishing a diverse brand, strategy for leading successful diversity recruitment, and how to build community partners for achieving targeted hiring goals.

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Using Automation to Navigate High Applications Per RequisitionTuesday, June 22 (2:00pm EDT)

Talent Board president and board member Kevin Grossman will join us to discuss how automation can help you navigate increased number of applicants and hire top talent faster. Spend time connecting with candidates and less time on screening them for targeted skills.

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Reduce Unconscious Bias and Convey Your Message of InclusionThursday, July 1 (2:00pm EDT)

Jenn Zazzetti, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, discusses removing unconscious bias in the recruiting process. Jobvite’s innovative tools allow you to evaluate your messaging and upgrade it to be more inclusive. Jenn demonstrates how to remove references to location, gender, and other details from resumes.

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The Importance of Communication to a Positive Candidate ExperienceWednesday, July 7 (2:00pm EDT)

Aaron Bales, Jobvite COE Solutions Manager and Alex Dinwiddie, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite discuss how to positively impact the candidate experience using powerful employer branding and communication. Learn about best practices and tips for communicating with candidates through text, email, videos, and more.

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Why Data-Driven Recruiting Leads to TA SuccessWednesday, July 14 (2:00pm EDT)

Join John Julio, SVP at Talentegy by Jobvite to learn how to gain valuable insights into your talent engagement strategies. John discusses bringing data together from multiple system to provide actionable insights to improve recruiting outcomes.

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Centralized vs. Decentralized TATuesday, July 20 (2:00pm EDT)

For this Two Talented Tuesday, industry experts Kris Dunn and Evan Cobb discuss the benefits and drawbacks of centralized versus decentralized talent acquisition. Learn about which structure is best for your TA needs.

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Achieve Agile Recruiting with a Data-Driven ApproachTuesday, July 27 (2:00pm EDT)

Join industry influencers Ben Eubanks and Trent Cotton this week to learn about the benefits of agile recruiting. See how your business can bend and not break as business needs change by utilizing agile recruiting.

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In a Changing Hiring Marketplace – Agility Delivers SuccessWednesday, July 28 (2:00pm EDT)

Phoebe Glynn of Jobvite discusses the importance of adjusting your TA practice in a repeatable way to meet your evolving needs. Learn about why the agile methodology is helping recruiters win and what data they leverage to make better decisions.

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Join us for Summer to Evolve: Road Trip

Follow us on the road this summer to learn about the latest in TA and how to implement best practices into your daily strategies. Learn more about Summer to Evolve and register for as many sessions as you want by planning your road trip map. We’ll see you at the first stop on Tuesday!