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Your Weekly Checklist for “The Summer to Evolve” – August 3-7

Offer to Onboard: Get tips for keeping your hiring process fun and effective during COVID-19 and beyond.

From keeping your talent pipeline full to ensuring your offer and onboarding processes remain relevant as we continue to navigate a pandemic, this was a can’t-miss week of our Summer to Evolve.

But in case you did miss a session, here are the biggest insights and a checklist of items that will help you improve your hiring and onboarding strategies for the short- and long-term.

Hot Takes from Week 8 of “The Summer to Evolve” 🔥  


  • COVID-19 has changed a lot for employers, and the process of sending a job offer and onboarding is no exception. One big change that will probably stick around: we’ve essentially killed the traditional conference call. There’s now always an assumption that video will be used in some capacity.


  • “Ghosting” hasn’t necessarily increased during COVID-19, but experts are seeing candidates communicate and inquire more cautiously. Candidates are doing more due diligence before taking the leap to apply.


Top Ways to Improve Your Offer to Onboard Processes THIS WEEK 

🔲 If you don’t already have one, create a safety statement that outlines your company’s current response and policies to COVID-19. Make a corresponding checklist you can send to new hires that makes it easy for new employees to understand what’s expected.

🔲 Work on changing the company’s internal mindset to think of onboarding as an “event”. Everyone knows the importance of an event and the planning that goes into it, whereas “onboarding” can be a set of boxes that need to be checked. Consider assembling an onboarding committee, put together welcome packages full of company swag, and celebrate new hires internally and externally.

🔲 Train hiring managers to be comfortable, even proactive, when it comes to negotiations. Salary negotiations should add to an overall positive experience, no matter the outcome.

Top Ways to Improve Your Offer to Onboard Processes THIS MONTH  

🔲 Create videos from the CEO and other key leaders in the company welcoming new hires and make sure to use them during the onboarding process.

🔲 Develop learning modules that review safety protocols for on-site workers or communicate expectations and best practices for working remotely for new employees.

🔲 Don’t be afraid to reassess outdated processes or tech and start over! Since COVID-19 has forced many companies to approach the recruiting process differently, it’s time to question everything and re-build processes with technology in mind (i.e., slow down to speed up).

Thanks for joining us for Week 8!  

Now that you know how to delight, communicate with, and prepare new hires, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to retain them through strong internal mobility strategies. Learn about all that and more next week.


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