ACCO Brands Scales Hiring and Saves Time with Jobvite

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  • Challenge: ACCO Brands, a multinational manufacturing firm, needed to address inefficient and slow recruiting processes to better compete for top talent and hire at scale.
  • Solution: Investing in Jobvite enabled the organization’s talent team to implement speedier and more structured sourcing, nurturing, and evaluation approaches that have led to greater passive candidate engagement to faster hiring and more seamless onboarding.
  • Results: ACCO Brands drove down its average time to hire by nearly half and saved its recruiting staff several hours each week, thanks to more streamlined processes.

With today’s tight labor market, it is challenging for manufacturers like ACCO Brands to hire candidates at volume. As a result, manufacturing recruiters must find ways to uncover new talent pools, which takes significant time and resources.

As a result of reducing time to complete manual talent acquisition tasks, ACCO Brands is now able to recruit top talent at full capacity.

By utilizing Jobvite’s powerful applicant tracking system purpose-built for enterprises, ACCO Brands automated many of their most time-consuming processes, such as screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and sending offer letters, to enhance recruiter productivity.

Moreover, training videos and offer letters can be quickly customized to include ACCO branding.

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Candidate evaluation, advancement, hiring, and onboarding sped up across the board

ACCO Brands leverages Jobvite Video Screening, an on-demand assessment tool for recruiters to quickly screen entry-level applicants. With this tool, job candidates can respond to screening questions when it is convenient for them.

The ACCO Brands team can then quickly evaluate a significant volume of candidates faster, share feedback with hiring managers, and move top candidates to their next step.

Jobvite now makes the lives easier for ACCO Brands recruiters and frees up time for them to work directly with candidates and match them with the best fit jobs.

ACCO Brands has also benefited from Jobvite Onboard, our fully integrated onboarding solution that makes the process easy, efficient, and paperless. Now, the business can start a background check, assign tasks, and receive new hire feedback with a click of a button.

“The onboarding process is smooth and seamless and gives you reminders to track new hires’ progress,” said ACCO Brands Talent Acquisition Manager Cassie Garred, PHR, SHRM-CP.

“The interview process is very transparent, and we’re able to give [candidates] an accurate time frame for when interviews will take place. We’ve been very pleased with how simple the whole process is: from the time we post [a job], to the time a candidate begins on their first day.”

Streamlining these once-arduous and time-consuming processes has enabled ACCO Brands to reduce time to fill considerably in recent quarters. Now, it takes 45 days on average to fill a role compared to the previous time frame of 80-90 days — a 45%+ improvement.

Company culture, DEI efforts, and employer brand better highlighted on careers page

At ACCO Brands, implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives is a top priority. Currently, the company has over 17 employees on its DEI task force, which works to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees.

Creating a positive workplace culture is imperative to retaining current employees and attracting new ones. That’s why ACCO Brands highlights various initiatives and benefits that are most attractive to job seekers, like sign-on bonuses and its DEI initiatives, to source new candidates.

ACCO Brands is accomplishing this through in part to its branded career website, which was refreshed with Jobvite’s expertise & support.

The company’s recruiters proactively source new talent pools using targeted recruitment marketing campaigns to connect with job seekers with specific skills and experience.

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More passive candidates turned into active opportunities, thanks to texting functionality

ACCO Brands noticed many manufacturing leads don’t regularly check emails, and those seeking hourly roles generally prefer text messages as their main communication channel.

ACCO Brands has overcome low email response rates by using Jobvite’s Intelligent Messaging.

Not only does this speed up the nurturing approaches implemented by each recruiter at the company, but it also enhances the candidate experience for each engaged prospect.

Jobvite’s latest Job Seeker Nation Report found over half of job seekers prefer receiving a text to schedule an interview or phone call over an email. That means ACCO Brands — and thousands of other Jobvite customers — can more capably connect with top talent via SMS.

Referrals now enable ACCO Brands to access another proven source of top-tier candidates

Sourcing employee referrals is a proactive strategy for recruiters to connect with new applicants via their employees’ personal networks, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn. Jobvite’s employee referral module helps orgs like ACCO Brands harness their social capital to attract top talent.

Leveraging Jobvite’s enterprise ATS, recruiters can easily track candidates that have received referrals within our recruitment platform. ACCO Brands employee referral efforts have been successful, and they have experienced an increase in responses from referred candidates.

Specifically, the employee referral program followed best practices and included additional strategies, that include offering cash incentives to employees for successful referral hires after they complete 90 days of employment.

Jobvite’s referral module also aids in building out ACCO’s talent pipeline. “We have many candidates already in our pipeline who we can always message and reengage,” said Cassie.

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