Brandwatch Uses Jobvite To Overcome The STEM Skills Shortage


Rapid talent attraction in a time of growth

Brandwatch has been growing 100% year-on-year. Continuing this rapid growth is highly dependent on finding the right candidates around the world. At the same time, relying on outside agencies to recruit candidates has become exorbitantly expensive. As a social media driven company, Brandwatch knew it could do more to drive its own talent attraction, recruiting and hiring processes. Yet, the company did not have the right system in place.


Jobvite Platform 

Brandwatch chose the Jobvite Platform (featuring Refer, Engage and Hire) and today is helping the company attract the right talent faster. This easy-to-use productive platform has enabled Brandwatch to gain unmatched insights into its recruiting process. Jobvite Refer has also driven deeper engagement with Brandwatch’s already social savvy employees, as they can become part of the recruitment process through the use of social media.



30% of hires came through referrals in the last 12 months

Implementing Jobvite, and using its analytics, enables Brandwatch to invest in recruitment more strategically. Jobvite has also made Brandwatch less reliant on recruitment agencies and provided it the ability to bridge the STEM skills gap. 30% of hires over the past year have come directly from referrals—helping to lower costs and ensuring a better cultural fit from the start.


A Force for Brand Data on The Social Web

Founded in 2005, Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading social media monitoring companies. The business is headquartered in Brighton, England. It also has fully staffed offices in Singapore, Stuttgart and Berlin in Germany, and New York, Chicago, and San Francisco in the USA.

Brandwatch’s Analytics platform gathers millions of online conversations every day—from what people say about a brand, its products, competitors, industry or any related topics—and provides users with the tools to analyse the information. This ability to unearth and derive intelligence from data on the social web, empowers 1,200 of the world’s most admired and pioneering brands and agencies to make insightful, data-driven business decisions.

Recruitment in a Time of Growth

The proliferation of big data analytics combined with the desire of brands to understand their consumers in the context of social media has greatly contributed to the rapid growth of Brandwatch. In fact, the company has experienced 100% year-on-year growth for the last three years. This rapid growth rate had an immense impact on recruitment. The businesses needed the best talent, in the right places, as fast as it could find it. A few years back, this was not an easy problem to solve.

Brandwatch did not have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in place. It was instead relying on a number of disparate documents and email to keep track of candidates. Brandwatch was also heavily reliant on outside agencies—spending nearly £500,000 on recruitment. At the same time, given that Brandwatch is a technology-based company, the business needed a large component of new recruits to be highly technically skilled. This was another challenge to overcome as both the UK and US, where Brandwatch has large offices, are facing a STEM skills shortage.

The lack of the right recruitment management system, in combination with the demand for talent that is in short supply, left recruiters frustrated. The Brandwatch recruitment team was spending a great deal of time being administrators instead of focusing on building a strong employer brand and talent pool.

Working with the executive team, Brandwatch decided that it wanted a new system. One that could help them to attract the right candidates at the right time, while also speeding up recruitment. As a social media based business, Brandwatch also wanted this system to enable it to gain insights through social data during the hiring process that would enable it to build a stronger employer brand.

Jobvite was the obvious answer.

Delivering on the Talent Demand

Jobvite enabled Brandwatch to attract a wide range of candidates—especially from the technical skills pool. It has also transformed the way recruitment is conducted and managed and has enabled the business to make more strategic decisions about its future talent based on real insight from data.

Terry Swann, Global Recruitment Manager at Brandwatch comments, “Jobvite’s technology has enabled us to reinvent the way we do recruitment. Not only has it streamlined and automated some of the most time consuming tasks in recruiting, it has also provided us with real insights that enable us to form a better recruitment strategy. Jobvite’s ATS delivers unmatched transparency, structure and consistency to our global hiring processes—something we consider vital as we all pull together to build a great company. The platform further enables us to track where candidates are engaging with us. This provides us with some great strategic advantages. For example, we know where to spend money to attract the talent we want and where not to do this. We have even been able to cut a number of job board and outside agency deals as a result of using Jobvite.

“What’s even more impressive is that we can put our own employees in the recruitment driving seat. Using Jobvite Refer, we now have the ability to leverage their social media networks to reach a far wider pool of talent. This combined with the fact that we now have better visibility of our recruitment processes and candidate pools has certainly given us an edge over our competition.”

Performance Beyond Expectation

Brandwatch’s recruitment processes are now streamlined, efficient and best of all cost effective. Terry Swann comments, “Our hiring processes are seamless across the globe. Recruiters and hiring managers now work together effectively. Each party can keep track of candidates and ensure that responses are fed back to all parties in a timely manner. This ensures a great candidate experience and a reduced time to hire. In fact, we can hire a new candidate on average within 31 days.

Today, Brandwatch – which used to rely on outside agencies, spending nearly £500,000 – rarely has to use outside recruiters. Brandwatch now drives at least 30% of its recruitment through referrals. In addition, Jobvite provides Brandwatch the ability to track where it engages those candidates that finally go through to be hired. It also enables the company to become more strategic about its recruitment spend as it can easily track which areas to invest in to gain the talent it needs.

Terry Swann continues, “Jobvite has also helped us to overcome the challenges of a growing skills gap. As a technology business we rely so heavily on technical expertise and STEM skills that it is pivotal that we can reach these candidates. Using our own employees social networks has dramatically grown our talent pool. Best of all, the candidates we reach through referral are likely to stay with us longer and be a much better fit.

“Jobvite has enabled us to build a stronger employer brand. Being a social media based business ourselves, using social recruiting methods show that we live and breathe our ethos of engagement through understanding.”

About Brandwatch

Brandwatch is the world’s leading social intelligence company. Brandwatch Analytics and Vizia products fuel smarter decision making around the world. The Brandwatch Analytics platform gathers millions of online conversations every day and provides users with the tools to analyze them, empowering the world’s most admired brands and agencies to make insightful, data-driven business decisions. The Brandwatch platform, ranked highest in customer satisfaction by G2Crowd in the Spring 2015 social media monitoring report, is used by over 1,200 brands and agencies, including Cisco, Whole Foods, Whirlpool, British Airways, Sony Music, and Dell. For more information, visit

"We have saved thousands of pounds that we would have spent on ineffective job advertising placements and outside agencies. Instead of being a cost centre, we are now a strategic hub. We are able to show management where our talent is coming from and build meaningful business cases for investment into the right areas."

Terry Swan
Global Recruitment Manager, Brandwatch

“I’m a huge fan of Jobvite, between the platform and the people it is just an amazing offering.”

-G2 Reviewer, Administrator in Computer Software

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