Canada Cartage Better Attracts Top Talent with Jobvite

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  • Challenge: The rapidly aging trucker workforce meant there will soon be a shortage of drivers across the U.S. That meant Canada Cartage needed to revamp its recruiting efforts — and quickly — to attract, engage, and hire younger drivers to join its business.
  • Solution: Using Jobvite CRM and out applicant tracking system’s candidate engagement capabilities, Canada Cartage overhauled hiring approach. Specifically, the company build a highly search- and mobile-optimized career site intended to appeal to younger job seekers and, in turn, boost applications.
  • Results: Canada Cartage saw a 118% increase in total job applications and 20% bump in new hires in the first year using our enterprise ATS software, helping the organization employ a number of new, more junior drivers to future-proof its workforce for years to come.

Canada Cartage is a leading national provider of customer-located, dedicated trucking services and warehouse solutions.

The majority of Canada Cartage’s fleet and drivers are dedicated to specific customers and reside at their locations. But, this male-dominated, blue-collar workforce is facing one of the largest trucking and transportation shortages in Canada.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates the trucking industry will be short as many as 48,000 drivers by 2024, forcing transportation HR and hiring managers to rethink their recruiting strategy.

Furthermore, the average age of the drivers continues to increase and is doing so more rapidly than the Canadian labor force in general. The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that the average truck driver age is expected to eclipse 49 years old by 2024 — up from 47.1 years in 2014 and 44.1 years in 2006. What’s more, there are large numbers of drivers in their 50s and 60s and about 17,000 drivers between 60 and 65 years of age.

Some trucking companies have said they are having a hard time filling jobs as Baby Boomer drivers retire faster than they can find younger drivers to replace them. To better combat the transportation shortage, Canada Cartage looked to Jobvite to help recruit top talent.

Jobvite helps Canada Cartage launch dedicated career site to attract young talent

To attract younger drivers, Canada Cartage worked with Jobvite to create an intuitive career site and build relationships with an on-the-go workforce.

Canada Cartage launched a new dedicated career site with an URL that was easy to remember. They also focused on showcasing multimedia, including videos featuring employees’ stories and made the site’s functionality and mobility simpler.

For example, applicants could access the Driver Quick Apply (“Join Us” App) and landing pages with basic information while on the road, which is extremely important for drivers who may not have their resume with them.

Not only did Canada Cartage create a dedicated career site, Canada Cartage used Jobvite CRM to communicate and build relationships with drivers through email campaigns and social media.

This allowed the company to launch a dedicated social media page for recruitment with daily posts about culture, driver recognition, benefits, testimonials from drivers, photos, memes, and more.

Canada Cartage sees marked rise in applications using our best-in-class ATS software

After only one year of utilizing Jobvite, Canada Cartage saw their number of applications increase by 118% — more than doubled from previous year — along with 20% more hires.

Through their email campaign work with Jobvite CRM, Canada Cartage’s open rate was at 58% where 19.33% is standard in recruitment and staffing. In addition, their click-through rate was 11% when a mere 1.81% is standard.

Along with their increased number of applicants and email engagement, Canada Cartage saw a great improvement in their social media interactions with the help of Jobvite. The business averaged 1.5 million more impressions on social media monthly than the year prior and increased page likes on Facebook by 268%.

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