Auto Insurance Company EverQuote Shifts Recruiting into High Gear with Jobvite Hire


A decentralized and manual hiring system with a cluttered and disorganized workflow. No data-drive insight.


Jobvite Hire

Well-organized, easy-to-follow format with detailed reports using Jobvite Hire.


One-stop shop for all applicant information for an optimized hiring process. Entire team was able to make better, more analytically informed decisions.


Buying insurance online can be a daunting process—there are myriad different companies, each one promising the best deal around. EverQuote, an independent insurance marketplace based out of Boston, aims to simplify the process by connecting customers with the best insurance rates and easiest experience possible. The EverQuote marketplace has grown into a leading online auto insurance market in the United States, and with 131 employees to date, EverQuote is growing at a steady pace.

Hiring quality team members at an expanding company is always a challenge, but without a good applicant tracking system (ATS) to support recruiting efforts, pinpointing top talent was even more difficult. Recruiters faced stagnation and frustration in the hiring process, making bringing in new candidates slow and tedious. EverQuote soon realized that, if their company was going to grow at a faster clip, it was time to optimize hiring.

In 2013 EverQuote began the search for an official recruiting solution and, after test-driving several different platforms, EverQuote selected Jobvite Hire as their partner in talent acquisition. Soon after the implementation of Jobvite, employees in charge of recruiting saw a noticeable upgrade in the quality of their processes. With Jobvite’s intuitive and customizable workflow, sophisticated recruiting metrics and smooth interview scheduling capabilities, EverQuote was able to take their recruiting efforts to a whole new level.

A Centralized Recruiting Platform

Without a basic ATS, EverQuote originally spent a great deal of time and energy manually tracking their candidates. “All we had before [Jobvite] was a non-interactive career page that directed people to an email if they were interested in a position,” says Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition Alyssa Planeta. From there, EverQuote’s recruiting team was forced to manually import resumes and cover letters, and make note by hand of where candidates were in the hiring process. And, since each recruiter had to independently track and vet candidates, there was often overlap between folks who had already applied. Scheduling interviews posed a challenge as well, as each candidate was manually scheduled at every step, an inefficient process that made coordinating invitations with the entire recruitment team difficult.

But after implementing Jobvite Hire, many of EverQuote’s recruiting problems were immediately addressed. Key in helping EverQuote revamp their recruitment program, Planeta says, was the fact that, “Jobvite allowed us to centralize everything; we finally had one location that contained all the information we needed for any given candidate.” This centralization also significantly cut through the clutter of the old system—hiring managers discovered that some candidates who were applying currently had sent in applications before, which prompted them to immediately reach out to any previously glossed over candidates. Scheduling was also made much easier, as all of it took place within the Jobvite system, saving time and allowing the hiring team to prevent any scheduling conflicts from arising ahead of time.

A Streamlined Hiring Workflow

Previously, recruiters at EverQuote didn’t have a clear workflow from initial screening to final approval. It was difficult for individual recruiters who sourced their own candidates to collaborate on the hiring process with other team members. Hiring managers met up in person to give each other their feedback on candidates, but these meetings were often scheduled on the fly rather than being a consistent, required step.

After deploying Jobvite, however, EverQuote’s recruiting team was able to develop a much more efficient and structured workflow. “Even when a candidate is already in the building for an interview, different interviewers can put in their feedback as soon as they’re done talking with them, so feedback is immediate, which helps prepare anyone else who might be going in to speak with them. Even two hours into a four hour interview, you can get a pretty good handle of where the candidate is at and then figure out where to move from there,” Planeta says.

An Enhanced Understanding

Some of the greatest benefits Jobvite Hire has provided for EverQuote are its analytical reports and detailed insight into recruitment efforts. According to Planeta, this added information has proven key in determining the return on investment (ROI) for a variety of recruiting tools. “Jobvite’s reporting capabilities definitely help justify certain expenses,” Planeta says. “For example, we can look at how much we’re spending on LinkedIn—which is probably our biggest line-item expenditure — and then easily see how many people we have hired from those campaigns. Although it’s a larger expense, we’re able to see that based on the number of hires we acquire from LinkedIn, our investment is paying for itself.”

Beyond ROI however, Jobvite’s reports have also helped to optimize EverQuote’s recruiting process by helping them identify pain points, allowing them to address those issues as soon as they are spotted. “The reporting function allows our recruiting team to provide real-time metrics and analysis to hiring managers anxious to better understand our talent pipeline and hiring process,” Planeta says. Immediate access to data allows the team to clarify misperceptions, and keeps the team moving forward.

With aggressive growth goals to meet, EverQuote needed to maintain a steady influx of talented team members—and with their former recruiting strategy, that just wasn’t happening. Finding qualified applicants is challenging enough on its own—add to that the complication of a decentralized recruiting system, a cluttered workflow and a lack of detailed analytics, and it’s made that much more difficult. But with Jobvite, EverQuote was able to refine their recruitment process and hire top quality talent with greater ease. In fact, in the past year, the EverQuote recruiting team has been able to fill 75 positions—over half of their current employees—ensuring that they can continue to stock their company with the qualified candidates that they need in order to continue thriving.

About EverQuote

EverQuote, Inc. operates the leading online auto insurance marketplace in the U.S. The company’s proprietary data and technology platform unites agents and carriers with prospective customers in a seamless online experience that delivers great rates and coverage for consumers while maximizing sales rates for auto insurance providers.

"Jobvite allowed us to centralize everything; we finally had one location that contained all the information we needed for any given candidate.“

Alyssa Planeta
Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition, EverQuote

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