Case Study: Exelon

A Need to Build a Better Candidate Journey

Exelon strives to be an industry leader in candidate experience and recruiting excellence. They also have high standards for their technology partners. Together, Exelon and Jobvite have built a trusting partnership over the past 10 years, so when Exelon wanted to evolve their Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform, their leadership knew where to turn.

As a conglomerate of eight different companies, Exelon needed a fully integrated CRM solution to help better engage high-quality candidates across the candidate journey with:

  • A simple, automated tool to optimize talent attraction, and sourcing to fill critical positions faster.
  • A solution with out-of-the-box integrations, with resume databases and job boards, important for their complex enterprise environment.
  • Intelligent reporting capabilities, so their TA leaders could see performance metrics by source, channel, program, and activity across subsidiaries.

They achieved this, and more, with Jobvite’s advanced CRM solution, including Jobvite Source & CRM, Career Site, Apply, and Job Broadcast tools.

Jobvite Delivers Modern CRM

Jobvite worked with Exelon to clearly understand their evolving short-term and long-term needs. The Jobvite team then designed and delivered the three key pillars of a CRM strategy:

1. Career site
Talemetry created eight different branded career sites for its client, each with unique talent networks and other offerings, that feed into one central talent network. Each site has a unique URL, graphics, and imagery to convey their individual brand and appeal to their target TA audiences. Exelon now has one well-organized, overarching career site, as well as subsidiary-specific ones accessible through the central site or on their own.

2. Campaigns
Exelon optimizes its new Source & CRM system to run numerous targeted email campaigns geared towards specific audiences (e.g., engineering internships, nuclear generation positions), easily sending from one hundred to thousands of emails depending on their need. Campaigns are ultra-targeted by job type, department, and region. Email recipients are automatically directed to a suitable talent network or position, and the TA team has the functionality to track and analyze campaign metrics and success.

3. Pipelines
Exelon’s candidate pipeline has flourished by using CRM functionality at each stage in the recruiting processes. For instance, when a job requisition comes up staff can instantly and easily search for a candidate using Source and CRM, add them to a requisition, and automate an email notification about the job to the candidate – all through the CRM software.

In addition to securing a pool of candidates to easily contact and track along their candidate journey, the CRM functionality allows them to proactively troubleshoot. For instance, with a company-wide, integrated, automated process, Exelon’s TA team can instantly view how many candidates are in each stage of the process. Should the type or number of candidates need to be adapted or bulked-up, they can pre-emptively adapt their strategy to keep the pipeline robust.

According to their Employment Brand Manager, Shavonne Thomas, “Having Talemetry gives us a platform to attract, engage, and communicate with potential candidates has been invaluable.”

Achieving Real Results While Improving Candidate Experience

After implementing the new CRM strategy with Jobvite, Exelon’s results shined across their 3 strategic pillars:

1. Career site
Candidates have a seamless, personalized, and simple experience across the company’s career sites. The average candidate spends only seven minutes to apply via mobile device or desktop, reducing candidate drop-off rates. In fact, over the past year, they had achieved a 72% application completion rate across channel sources. Candidates are engaged with the employer branding, attracting the right talent for its open roles. With Jobvite’s robust custom reports, Exelon’s TA team can view channel sources to its career sites.

2. Campaigns
Exelon’s campaigns are now ultra-targeted by job type, department, and region. In fact, for the past year their average open rate was 56%, and some email campaigns went as high as 80%! They sent out 25,000 engagement emails across nearly 2,000 targeted campaigns, increasing engagement with their talent pool, and helping their team fill roles quicker with high-quality candidates.

3. Pipelines
With Jobvite’s robust customized reporting tool, Exelon now has a bird’s eye view across all its talent pipelines. They are better able to understand pipeline activity in real time, for instance allowing the team to adjust short-term strategies as needed to drive more traffic to a position type or conduct a targeted campaign.

Having a fully-integrated CRM solution to support Exelon’s complex enterprise environment is crucial. As Thomas puts it, “We have a career site to which we can make regular updates to content, a CRM that makes sourcing and communicating with prospects very simple, and the ability to track the results of our campaigns. These are all things we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish without Jobvite as a solution.”

With Jobvite’s help, Exelon has eliminated the need for manual processing and data entry errors through automation – and given their TA team the gift of time! They can spend more of their workday on strategic projects and hiring qualified employees that best fit their culture, ultimately reducing turnover. Jobvite’s expertise on enterprise scale CRM solutions also meant Exelon could ensure its integration met compliance regulations.

Onward and Upward! Building on Their Success

Exelon needed an enterprise level CRM solution to simplify, automate, and optimize talent attraction and sourcing. With Jobvite they got it and were able to deliver an exceptional candidate experience at scale with a seamless CRM suite of solutions. Exelon’s investment in Jobvite’s CRM solution proved to be an excellent strategic choice, allowing their TA team to efficiently and cost effectively engage and nurture the right people for the right job at the right time. Before Jobvite’s CRM solution, they lacked a unified view of key TA statistics across their multiple recruiting channels. Now, recruiters and TA leaders are able to view actionable data and take a proactive and iterative approach to developing TA strategies.

After such success, Exelon is excited about next steps. “We look forward to taking advantage of all that Jobvite has to offer!” say Thomas. Moving forward, this includes further incorporating multichannel recruitment marketing into its CRM strategy – with the Intelligent Messaging solution.

Exelon Scales up CRM to Evolve TA Process

The Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework helps TA teams deliver world-class results. From initial assessment to specific action plans, Evolve empowers TA leaders to identify and prioritize areas for improvement so that no effort is wasted. Teams, processes, technologies, and strategies are optimized over time, and organizations emerge stronger, more efficient, and better able to adapt to the needs of the ever-evolving talent marketplace.

The Evolve framework offers four levels of talent acquisition maturity. Other companies like Exelon can move from a Level 2 to a Level 3 by optimizing their recruitment marketing technologies.

About Exelon

Exelon is a Fortune 100 company that works in every stage of the energy business: power generation, competitive energy sales, transmission and delivery. As the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, Exelon does business in 48 states, D.C., and Canada and has revenues in excess of $30 billion. They employ approximately 32,300 people nationwide.