Tenable Elevates Recruitment Marketing ROI with Jobvite

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  • Challenge: Rapid growth in terms of business expansion and product development meant Tenable required new recruiting technology that helped its talent team fill numerous roles company-wide — and quickly — while ensuring it could execute targeted recruitment marketing campaigns that resonated with the right audience of candidates.
  • Solution: Executing an ongoing series of seasonal and themed campaigns featuring messaging promoting the employer brand at large and specific job openings and tracking progress with said campaigns is now easier than ever for the Tenable TA team, thanks to Jobvite CRM.
  • Results: Tenable saw a nearly four-fold, year-over-year increase in the number of visitors to their career site, reaching more than 80,000 total views in 2015, due to recruitment marketing campaigns carried out with Jobvite CRM. This has led to a marked rise in passive candidate engagement, application completions, and strong-fit hires across the business.

As more and more companies invest in big data, it’s critical that their information is protected. That’s where Tenable Network Security comes in. Founded in 2002, Tenable is the leader in continuous network monitoring. The company delivers products that enable customers to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance — and their hard work has paid off.

Tenable now counts the world’s top companies among their customers — including many of the Fortune Global 500 organizations — and their adoption rate continues to grow.

With such rapid growth, Tenable needed to ensure their headcount kept apace with the increasing demand for their products. To stand out in a competitive talent market, Tenable’s recruiting team knew they had to differentiate themselves to attract the high-quality talent that they needed.

The solution? Enhancing the candidate experience with tailored campaigns — and a leading enterprise applicant tracking system that empowered its recruiters to work smarter.

“Recruiting isn’t static,” said Tenable Director of Talent Acquisition Sean Mitchell.

“Today I might be looking for salespeople or engineers, but, next week, I might be looking for customer support or account managers. With Jobvite CRM, campaigns are totally customizable. We can constantly put out new messaging and new information which translates to new hires.”

Targeted, themed hiring campaigns executed and tracked with ease using Jobvite CRM

After consulting with his Jobvite CRM account director, one of the first campaigns Sean and his talent acquisition team decided to kick off centered on March Madness.

The fact that the campaign could be linked to one of the most-tweeted and -talked-about events of the year helped maximize visibility, while a sports-specific theme ensured that Tenable’s message would resonate with the tenacious and confident sales experts that they sought to hire.

After creating a customized landing page, Sean and his team began to push out the link to various social media channels. With relevant hashtags and the ability to target their audience, the Tenable recruiting team zeroed in on their ideal candidates, even if they weren’t actively looking for work.

The results of this March Madness campaign were impressive right off the bat. Within just 24 hours, Tenable had close to 800 views on their LP from individuals all over the world.

And it wasn’t just the Tenable TA team that helped pull these folks in. Jobvite’s ability to seamlessly share open positions across social networks enabled the whole company to act as recruiters.

“Jobvite has been really helpful in allowing us to get our message out to a massive number of people fairly easily,” said Sean. “Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms, we’re able to reach a multitude of different people and markets.”

Career site engagement and employee referral submissions through the roof using Jobvite

With the success of the March Madness campaign under their belts, Sean and Co. began to craft more targeted campaigns designed to fill all kinds of positions across the business.

One campaign, called the “Guardians of the Internet,” in a nod to Marvel films, focused on bringing in engineers by highlighting the significant and impactful work that Tenable employees do.

Another campaign designed around the Rugby World Cup helped bring in talent from the UK, and Sean is also in the process of pushing out a campaign in Dublin, Ireland.

“International markets are a bit tricky, as we’re a U.S.-based company,” said Sean. “But, using Jobvite, we’ve gotten our name out there more and it’s helped to establish us as a known entity. We can identify specific demographics and reach out to them with targeted messaging across a variety of channels to make sure we get the most relevant people visiting and applying to our careers site.”

So far, Tenable’s customized Jobvite CRM campaigns have had a huge impact. Tenable experienced 26,000 total career site views at the end of 2014 — a figure that rose to around 82,000 in fall 2015.

Not only are more potential candidates landing on the career site — 70% of whom are new visitors — but Tenable has also seen a significant bump in general website engagement, with more page clicks and time spent on their site than ever before.

Sean added how 30% of new hires now coming from employee recommendations. And, as Tenable has grown, acceptance rates are sky high: About 90% of candidates who receive offers accept them.

Greater employer brand awareness driven in large part by our enterprise ATS software

After previously struggling to stand out to candidates amongst a sea of competitors tapping into the same pool of talent, Tenable staked its claim in the recruiting landscape.

“Jobvite CRM has allowed us to do a lot more than just hire candidates,” said Sean. “Before Jobvite, we didn’t have the luxury of name recognition that other brands had. Jobvite has helped us from a recruiting perspective and helped get our name out in the marketplace.”

With an always-full pipeline of qualified candidates and critical positions being filled company-wide left and right, Tenable can now continue to grow as fast as the demand for its products do.

“When I first started with Tenable, an ATS alone was sufficient for our needs,” Sean stated. “But, as we grew, we needed something that could evolve as our organization did. Jobvite CRM exponentially puts us in a better position than our competitors.”

Sean aded how, before turning to Jobvite as their applicant tracking system, Tenable didn’t have the luxury of name recognition other brands had. Since onboarding our ATS, though, Jobvite has “helped us from a recruiting perspective and helped get our name out in the marketplace,” per Sean.

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