Optimizing Your TA Program to Impress Your Talent Pool

The increased demand for recruitment automation is the result of the need to be more efficient and improve the overall experience for recruiters and candidates. Recruitment automation streamlines the talent acquisition process to support a better candidate experience and provide the consistency and structure that is often missing from talent acquisition.

According to Aptitude Research, companies that are investing in automation are two times more likely to improve quality of hire and the candidate experience. The challenge most companies face is that they are still confused by what automation is and how it can play in their existing talent acquisition strategy. While automation has transformed many other areas of the business including marketing, supply chain, and sales, recruitment is still immature in its adoption of these solutions. Only 27% of enterprise companies are planning to automate more than 50% of their talent acquisition processes this year, according to Aptitude Research, and the majority of those companies are just automating the application process.

This webinar, hosted by Madeline Laurano, co-founder of Aptitude Research, and Kurt Jones, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jobvite, looks at the growing importance of automation and how companies can think about a strategy to improve efficiency and the overall experience of candidates.