How Companies are Putting Obstacles in the Way of Good Candidates

The number of job openings increased to series high of 10.9 million in July, far exceeding the number of people looking for work. Business leaders and talent acquisition experts are under pressure to fill open roles, but talent remains scarce. The perfect storm of events this year has made recruiting more difficult than ever before. And yet, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations lack an optimized job application process and put obstacles in the way of good candidates.

Watch our discussion with Pete Sanidas, VP Sales and Kerry Gilliam, VP Marketing at Jobvite where we share the latest findings after auditing the conversion process of the Fortune 500, and provide you with straight-forward changes you can make to your apply process to dramatically improve your application completion rates.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Results from the 2021 Candidate Conversion Audit
  • Specific recommendations for improving candidate conversions
  • The fastest way to double your talent pool and improve time-to-hire

Be sure to download the 2021 Fortune 500 Candidate Conversion Audit to read more about this year’s findings