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AIS court interfaces and integrated screening features provides a smarter background screening and onboarding experience. Our cloud based technology platform offers computing resources that are fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Accurate Investigation Services' integration with Jobvite provides a seamless, single source for your onboarding to include background screening. Launch a variety of background screening actions from the applicant’s profile and the results post back with notification.

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XML gateway (API) provides access via the Internet and XML messaging to a variety of background screening data products. The API consists of an XML schema for formatting screening data product requests and a gateway to which formatted requests are submitted and from which formatted responses are retrieved.

The client sends, via an HTTP post, an XML request for a screening product to the gateway. The request contains authentication credentials, information indicating which product and searches are being requested, and the necessary applicant data to process the request. The gateway validates the request for correctness and completeness. If there are no errors, the gateway returns an XML response with a non-error status and an order ID.


    The benefit of integrating AIS and Jobvite is to save time and create a “one stop” solution for the customer.

  • Easy integration activation: The customer needs no involvement to go live.
  • The client will benefit from a single sign in and point and click order process. With Jobvite, there is an added benefit of the background results posting back to the applicant’s profile.
  • Updates include parent/child ordering, a custom field, and mapping.