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Leoforce is the leader in People Intelligence.

We’re the company behind Arya, the world’s first and foremost AI recruiting advisor empowering talent acquisition professionals to truly understand people.

Designed to be a recruiter’s best friend, Arya layers artificial intuition on top of predictive analytics and proprietary machine learning models so that you can focus on building quality relationships with ideal candidates.

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  • The integration between Jobvite and the Arya by Leoforce platform is completed through API calls. Once a job posting is created and assigned a certain status (Open, Active) that job will automatically be pulled over to the Arya platform using the Get Jobs API call from Jobvite. Sourcing will automatically start happening within Arya when that job comes across. There are a number of different channels that a company can have access to source for any job. One of those channels is an internal candidate channel. This means that Arya can check for possible candidate matches against any internal candidates you already have inside of Jobvite. This is completed by using the Get candidate API call from Jobvite.


  • Source smarter today than you did yesterday. As a machine learning tool, Arya gets smarter from overtime use by implementing strategic feedback, and learned successes and failures to pivot your sourcing strategy toward gold-star candidates and long-term hires.
  • Preview your top candidates in one simple list. Arya pulls one candidate list together from multiple sources to begin engagement on one communication tool across multiple channels.
  • Streamline the candidate sourcing process. Just create the job in Jobvite and have a list of 200 possible candidate matches in seconds from all over the web.