Atlantic Employee Screening

About Atlantic Employee Screening

Operating compliant, secure, and insured since 1997, Atlantic Employee Screening is committed to its founding principles: provide the highest quality customer service with advanced screening technology and the lowest prices possible, plus the majority of reports are completed instantly.

We provide both national and international background checks, including education and employment verifications. Every background screening vendor claims to be better, but they don’t have the Atlantic difference.

Features & Benefits


  • Triggered by a simple change of Workflow Step within Jobvite, the background check is sent via our QuickApp to the candidate
  • Once the applicant has given their personal information as well as authorization securely, the screening is now in process and will update to “Clear” or “Flagged” with a self-authenticating link to the applicant’s file when the background check is completed


  • Less data entry and therefore less room for errors
  • Streamline your hiring process so you get the best candidates faster
  • An all-in-one interactive workflow with a top-notch support team