About Bryq

Bryq provides you with Talent Intelligence that works – eliminating biases, time constraints, and inefficient decisions in a world that’s increasingly rejecting subjectivity. It’s the only AI Talent Intelligence platform based on science-backed data. With its Predictive Analytics, based on validated psychometrics, it can help you make better talent management decisions in acquiring, developing, analyzing, and matching talent.

Features & Benefits


  • Use AI and predictive performance analytics to support decision-making in hiring, growing, and retaining talent. Whether you are hiring or downsizing, we integrate with Jobvite to enable you to make better decisions, faster.


  • Hire for performance and culture : Our predictive performance profiles allow you to accurately predict the performance of any individual, external or internal, in a role with accuracy typically in a range of 65-80%. Uniquely, it shows you how each individual adheres to your company’s cultural values.
  • Improve quality of hire : By accurately predicting performance, you can now hire just the right people for any role. Customers report a 714% increase of interview-to-hire.
  • Reduce churn : On average, customers report a 30% decrease in six-month churn. This is a result of a better fit for the role and for the company, as our unique Culture Indicator allows you to see how each individual aligns to your own cultural values.



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