About Career.Place

Career.Place is an anonymous candidate screening technology that combines basic requirements, assessments and scenario questions to ensure candidates are objectively qualified before their resume ever hits your desk.

Once is integrated with Jobvite, any job can take advantage of having an anonymous screening process. Simply configure a candidate qualification funnel in and connect it to any live job in Jobvite. As candidates apply, they are directed to the funnel you created to determine if they are qualified or unqualified for the opportunity. Career.Place utilizes both workflow stages and custom fields in Jobvite to keep the hiring team aware of the progress for each candidate applying to the position.

  • Reduce time and expense in hiring: Replace the time-consuming resume review and initial screening calls with a streamlined process that focuses on what candidates can offer to your organization. Identify qualified candidates in minutes.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion: Remove the conscious and unconscious biases that plague candidate evaluation. Candidate anonymity removes extraneous information that often triggers the biases that keep great candidates from progressing.
  • Maintain compliance: enforce consistency across all candidate screening. Pre-defined requirements and questions ensures all candidates are given an equal opportunity while candidate anonymity keeps unconscious biases from influencing results.