About Censia

Censia Talent Intelligence™ is a recruiting solution that harnesses the power of AI to help enterprises scale faster and hire better people that stay longer, for a fraction of the time and cost it takes today.

Censia uses predictive analysis and advanced modeling to deliver more diverse pools of highly qualified candidates, cutting time and cost to hire by 50%. It instantly and simultaneously searches and ranks applicants, employees, and passive talent, ensuring the best hire every time. It works as a standalone tool and can be integrated into most ATS systems in order to add AI modeling and search to existing platforms.

Features & Benefits


The Censia Jobvite integration allows users to:

  • Create or update a model in Censia’s Talent Intelligence based on a Jobvite job requisition
    • Include inbound candidates associated with the mapped Jobvite job requisition
    • Include rediscovered candidates from your broader Jobvite database
  • Allow ranking of inbound and rediscovered candidates from Jobvite within Censia’s Talent Intelligence
  • Export all candidates, including Censia passive candidates, back into Jobvite


  • Instant sourcing of passive candidates that are modeled after your ideal candidates
  • Instant ranking of inbound applicants
  • Ability to rediscover lost talent in your ATS