About Crosschq

Crosschq’s Hiring Intelligence Platform is powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and talent acquisition by enabling companies to optimize recruiting and continuously improve Quality of Hire.

Powered by the Quality Cloud™ (Q), which connects millions of data points across the hiring lifecycle, Crosschq delivers outcome-based Hiring Intelligence and insights that drive business outcomes. Powered by five integrated applications, The Quality Cloud™ can be broken down into Candidate Quality and Process Quality.

The Crosschq 360 and Jobvite integration enables recruiters to send and collect 360 reference checks without ever having to leave Jobvite. With a setup time of 30 minutes or less, Crosschq 360 is added as a stage in the Jobvite workflow. When a candidate is ready to be moved into that stage, recruiters choose from a list of templates (most often broken down by job role/function) and once selected, the Crosschq reference check process automatically begins. Once the candidate survey and their respective reference surveys have all been completed, the recruiter and hiring manager will get a notification and can view the completed 360 report.

Features & Benefits


  • A full description of the Crosschq-Jobvite integration is available.
  • Crosschq’s 360 reference check solution reduces the time and effort it takes for a recruiter to complete traditional reference check by 95%.
  • There is minimal disruption to the recruiter’s workflow as they never have to leave the ATS.
  • Crosschq’s user interface is seamless — allowing for a better candidate and recruiter/hiring manager experience.


  • Valuable Insights: Make more informed hiring decisions with job-based reference checks that provide a better connection to an individual’s work performance and cultural fit.
  • Results Driven: Using a fully automated, seamless workflow, our reference checks provide I/O based data-driven results supported by proven hiring outcomes
  • People First: Crosschq centers on essential job-related skills and competencies to reduce the potential for hiring bias and gives you knowledge of your new hire’s strengths so you can help give them a more successful start