About Crosschq

Crosschq is powering a revolution in data-driven hiring and people analytics to help companies better recruit and retain talent. Crosschq’s Talent Intelligence Cloud™ provides solutions across the new hire lifecycle to help enhance sourcing, screening, and onboarding new hires while providing a single source of truth for customers to accurately measure Quality of Hire.

The company’s AI-driven cloud-based SaaS solutions were built with a talent-first approach, prioritizing trust and transparency, minimizing bias, and protecting privacy. Leading innovative companies like Snowflake, HubSpot, Glassdoor, Upwork, Saks Fifth Avenue, NBA, Roku and DISH trust Crosschq to help build diverse winning teams.

Features & Benefits



  • Valuable Insights: Make more informed hiring decisions with job-based reference checks that provide a better connection to an individual’s work performance and cultural fit.
  • Results Driven: Using a fully automated, seamless workflow, our reference checks provide I/O based data-driven results supported by proven hiring outcomes
  • People First: Crosschq centers on essential job-related skills and competencies to reduce the potential for hiring bias and gives you knowledge of your new hire’s strengths so you can help give them a more successful start