Global HR Research, A DISA Company

About Global HR Research

GHRR’s advanced proprietary platform provides a set of employment screening, compliance, and risk management solutions – a comprehensive set of tools helping them make better hiring decisions faster.   These distinctions have consistently made GHRR a better alternative for customers.
The GHRR and Jobvite integration users will experience a seamless workflow allowing the day to day functions of the background screen to be performed directly from their Jobvite Platform.

  • Mutual clients can initiate the background check and receive result notifications from right within the Jobvite platform, eliminating the need to toggle between systems.
  • The integration eliminates duplicate data entry, increasing productivity and reducing the time to begin and fulfill the screening process.
  • The newest technology to shorten time-to-hire and ensure visibility across the recruiting team
Preferred for Flexibility: We have one of the most widely adopted employment screening platforms. From comprehensive products to security protocols every critical facet of our technology has been configured to your needs.
Compliance: We designed a built-in rules engine to be configurable using multiple inputs—industry, jurisdiction, and even your specific business rules, ensuring industry compliance.
Candidate Experience: A dedicated candidate portal is simply a better end-to-end experience for everyone. All aspects of the candidate’s experience can be branded by you. There’s no unnecessary data entry, configurable business rules ensure that only the data required to process the products ordered by you is asked for.