About iMocha

iMocha, AI-powered digital skills assessment solution, helps enterprises build winning teams.

We empower them to thoroughly assess candidates/employees’ skills proficiency with Job-role based assessments and 2,000+ skills including Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Aptitude, Banking, & more.

Features & Benefits


iMocha’s 1-Click integration with Jobvite provides a seamless two-way integration to streamline the recruitment assessment process.

  • The recruiter using Jobvite will assign candidate(s) for iMocha Skills Assessment on moving his/ her candidature into a designated assessment workflow.
  • Job-role specific pre-configured/ tagged skills assessment from iMocha will be available to the candidate to attempt. Within an hour, the candidate will receive an email with a link to complete the assessment.
  • On completion of the assessment window/ assessment attempt, iMocha will give back the skills assessment status & results to Jobvite.


  • 1-Click Integration helps recruiters complete the integration process without any technical dependency
    • 100% DIY (Do It Yourself)
    • No Coding or involvement of IT team
    • Super Quick – Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Automatic data integration Enterprise-class security with Single Sign-On
  • Make better & informed hiring decisions within your Jobvite workflow
  • Invite candidates directly from your Jobvite
  • Candidate assessment reports available in your ATS within 2 minutes of Test completion
  • Assess candidate’s skills proficiency with in-depth analytics
  • Directly avail advanced proctoring measures with real-time proctoring (image, audio & video), IP access restriction & window violation