About JobTarget

JobTarget is a talent recruitment platform that leverages automation, data, and industry expertise to get your job ads in front of the right candidates efficiently and effectively. Post to any job site on the Internet, optimize your advertising budget with Programmatic advertising, and search multiple resume banks within one platform.

Centralize and simplify your organization’s hiring process with JobTarget’s talent recruitment platform.

Make faster, easier, and more accurate connections between your organization and job seekers. Our recruitment platform integrates with Jobvite to help simplify and automate the job advertising and sourcing processes. From programmatic job advertising to recruitment compliance, we leverage automation, data, and years of industry expertise to get jobs in front of the right candidates efficiently and effectively. This allows organizations and recruiters like you to focus more on hiring and less on tedious, manual tasks.


  • Discover the right sources to find quality candidates for all your roles
  • Manage all your job advertising activity in one place
  • Expand your reach and get more eyes on your ads through exposure on new and niche sites
  • Fully automate your job advertising, including getting your applications sent back into Jobvite