About Leoforce

Arya by Leoforce is the AI-driven recruiting solution that integrates seamlessly with Jobvite to source, score, and engage job candidates at scale. With Arya, you gain access to 800M+ talent profiles and review all candidates in one consolidated list.

Arya goes beyond conventional AI with Artificial Intuition, a deeper, multidimensional understanding of people, jobs, and what makes them compatible. By discovering candidates other AI tools might miss, and scoring them against an enhanced matrix of 300+ attributes other tools ignore, you get talent more likely to succeed in the role.

Features & Benefits


  • The integration between Jobvite and the Arya by Leoforce platform is completed through API calls. Once a job posting is created and assigned a certain status (Open, Active) that job will automatically be pulled over to the Arya platform using the Get Jobs API call from Jobvite. Sourcing will automatically start happening within Arya when that job comes across. There are a number of different channels that a company can have access to source for any job. One of those channels is an internal candidate channel. This means that Arya can check for possible candidate matches against any internal candidates you already have inside of Jobvite. This is completed by using the Get candidate API call from Jobvite.


  • Consolidated, multichannel candidate view
    Arya AI quickly analyzes data from your own database, subscribed candidate sources, social sites, and more than 800 million profiles from 50+ professional sources to highlight the most compatible candidates.
  • See more compatible candidates
    Only Arya delivers Artificial Intuition, yielding deeper insights into candidates by analyzing more than 300 attributes other AI tools may ignore.
  • Streamlined candidate engagement dashboard
    Arya helps you respond to candidates more quickly and communicate more effectively through one simple, powerful interface. Its CRM-like capabilities deliver chatbot automation and one-to-one or one-to-many communication via email, text, and direct-dial.