About PandoLogic

PandoLogic is a recruitment marketing and conversational AI platform. Serving the world’s most recognizable brands, PandoLogic utilizes advanced AI technology to transform the future of recruiting. PandoLogic’s flagship product, pandoIQ, is an AI-enabled talent acquisition platform that empowers employers to reach the right candidates on the right sites for the right price. Making more than 7,000 micro-decisions per minute, pandoIQ automates and optimizes the complexities of job placements at scale and precision levels previously unattainable.

PandoLogic is a recruitment marketing and conversational AI platform


  • Jobs are shared in real time from Jobvite to PandoLogic.
  • Candidates sourced by PandoLogic can be placed automatically within Jobvite’s workflow, allowing for organizations to seamlessly leverage Easy Apply-enabled job boards and get more candidates, faster.
  • Track source effectiveness and know which advertising channels are driving the most ROI from within your Jobvite reporting center.
  • Eliminate the manual lift from traditional job advertising – PandoLogic brings your vendors, postings, portals, reporting all under one dashboard. Let us free you from the burden of administrative tasks so you can focus on more strategic efforts.
  • Predict performance before a single dollar is spent – Thanks to our advanced analytics engine, PandoLogic can predict your job ad performance and spend before a campaign even begins.
  • Provides accurate and actionable data – Using advanced proprietary technology, PandoLogic makes the most of your budget by allocating dollars to your best performing sources. Meanwhile, our dashboard raises those insights to the surface, so you can keep your clients informed.

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