About Reevolt

Reevolt enables you to maximize your hiring potential, scale on demand and get time back in your day to focus on people. Reevolt’s AI enabled tools work for you, in the background, providing objective and unbiased job descriptions, candidate to role scores and readouts as inputs into your team’s decision making. Use Reevolt and Jobvite together to increase efficiency within the hiring process, discover candidate’s skills fit, reduce bias and attract top talent.

AI enabled tools integrated with Jobvite to streamline and gain efficiencies in the hiring process. Scale on demand, reduce bias, attract talent and discover skills fit with Reevolt.

Features & Benefits

Candidate to Job Skills Fit: Uncover the perfect candidate through AI assisted skills identification and matching.

Reduce Bias: Minimize bias in your job descriptions ensuring you are promoting diversity, inclusion and fairness.

Efficiency Gain: Significantly reduce the time and effort spent building job descriptions and reviewing resumes.

Resources & Support