About Rolebot

Rolebot automates the passive recruiting process. Sourcing top talent, captivating their attention, and wooing them to interview.

Using public profiles of ideal employees, Rolebot finds passive look-alike candidates leveraging the web from over 100 publicly accessible data points. We deliver a list of candidates ready for you to select or reject, using a thumbs up/thumbs down rating. Using AI, each round of candidates accuracy improves. Rolebot woos the candidates to a 1st interview.

To ensure an amazing candidate experience, Rolebot has a talent success team that oversees the process from start to finish. Rolebot guarantees 1/3 the candidates are diverse.

Solving for bandwidth, time to hire, candidate quality & DE&I

Features & Benefits


  • The integration between Jobvite and Rolebot is completed through API calls. When a new is launched, Rolebot validates existing roles within Jobvite for ease of use and accuracy. Once candidates are sent for approval, the API allows for instant checking for existing candidates within Jobvite to eliminate duplicates. Finally, accepted talent is automatically passed into Jobvite.


  • Find Top Talent: We create an ideal look-a-like of your best employees and deliver a pipeline of top candidates. We evaluate over 100 public data points – in real-time. You select or reject candidates and Rolebot uses AI to improve each rounds accuracy. No one person could ever curate a list of candidates with the precision of Rolebot
  • Seamlessly scales: Even the most talented recruiters with a plethora of do-it-yourself tools couldn’t guarantee 15 qualified matches per role per day.
  • Reduce time to hire. We source, captivate, engage, and woo talent and secures the 1st interview. This allows your recruiters to interview and engage with candidates.
  • We guarantee 1/3 the candidates will be diverse. Helping solve for DE&I