Recruitment Marketing 101: How to Attract Quality Talent and Engage Hiring Teams [Webinar]

Webinar Transcript:

Sherry: Before we begin I would like to remind you that this webcast has been pre-approved for HRCI credit and may also be used for SHRM credit you will receive an email from within 2 business days which will include the certification credit information. You may also log in HR calm and go to your view my credits page where you can find all the credits you have received. If you have any questions today please type them into the questions tab on your GoToWebinar control panel and we will follow up with you. Now our presenter today is Chrya Howlett from Universal Music Group the first I'd like to turn the floor over to Angela Lee from Jobvite.

Angela: Great thanks, Sherry.

Angela: My name is Angela and I'm on the marketing team here at Jobvite we're so excited to be sponsoring this webinar today. And as background Jobvite enabled leading companies to recruit source and on board all within a single platform we have about 10 years of experience focused solely on recruitment and we're really excited to have Universal Music Group as one of our customers. Now after the webinar I'm thrilled to welcome our presenter Chyra Howlett employer marketing manager at Universal Music Group Chyra has experience working in both the talent acquisition and marketing fields and now leads the recruitment marketing efforts at Universal Music Group she is passionate about recruitment marketing and how it enables UMG to recruit for the best Talent. Now I'll turn it over to Chyra.

Chyra: Great thank you so much Angela for the introduction. As it was stated before my name is Chyra Howlett I do work at Universal Music Group as the employer marketing manager and I am so excited to talk to you guys today about recruitment marketing 101 and specifically the jump start of UMG recruitment marketing initiative. So we have hopefully a very valuable presentation and store for you guys today really excited to take you on the journey that I have gone through with UMG. But before we get started I always love to get a feel for the audience and would love a little bit of audience participation. So on your screen you should have a question panel and if you can locate that I would love for you guys to answer two questions for me the first question is a simple yes or no and I just want to know does your team currently have any recruitment marketing initiatives in place and then the second question is how many people are dedicated to recruitment marketing on your team? So maybe you have one person like we do UMG I am the sole person dedicates recruitment marketing maybe it's a shared responsibility where two people take the bulk. So going to look through the responses and give a minute or so for everyone to respond.

Okay great I’m seeing a lot of responses trickle in. Some people with one oh wow some people with seven two to three you have a strategy in place but not necessarily someone dedicated to it. Oh someone asked if I could repeat the question so if you're just joining I asked a two-parter question the first part was you have any recruitment marketing initiatives in place currently within your talent acquisition team and if you do how many people do you have dedicated to your recruitment and marketing efforts? So is it just one person or is it shared between two or three people? Alright great I see a lot of guys are in the beginning of getting their strategies together one person since they have one alright great.

So thank you guys for getting all of your answers in to me I'd like to get a feel for the audience because it's always good to know kind of what your structure looks like especially when I'm presenting to you about my perspective from UMG. A lot of you I feel like will be able to relate from the background when I'm coming from I am the sole person that's dedicated to the recruitment marketing efforts at Universal Music Group which we'll get into talking about it's a huge like corporation so it's a very very big job and recruitment marketing is so new and so niche that a lot of talent acquisition teams are just now getting to the point where they're getting dedicated headcounts for recruitment marketing or just starting to look into recruitment marketing initiative.

So if you're someone who's coming from a lean team or someone who doesn't necessarily have anyone dedicated to recruitment marketing or maybe you're thinking about starting out and just don't know where to go for recruitment marketing I'm hoping you find this very valuable because we to had a very lean team for recruitment marketing and we were still able to get really great things done within the last year so hopefully this is a point of inspiration or a good reference point for you as you continue to embark on your own strategy.So without further ado I'm going to go ahead and get into the presentation we're going to go ahead and skip my pros in there slide it guys think you guys already know a little bit about me now and I'm going to talk about an introduction to a Universal Music Group.

So about Universal Music Group so for those of you who are not familiar with a Universal Music Group we are the world's leader in music based entertainment we identify and develop recording artists and songwriters and we produce distribute and promote the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world and UMG is home to some of the most iconic and influential labels in music across the various genres and you can see an example of some of our labels on the right hand side some of our bigger labels that you might know are Capitol Music Group Def Jam Recording Republic Records we also have Island Verb Blue Note in a scope so hopefully some of those might sound familiar to you they all fall under the Universal Music Group umbrella.

And our artist of the course make-up Universal Music Group you can't have music without having the artist & young artists are second to none we stand across a very wide away of genres just like our labels. We invest in our artists at every stage of their careers we strive to provide more creative and commercial opportunity possible. We also provide Young G artists with the latest technology to keep track of their performances with their music both financially and from a marketing perspective. So on the right hand side you can see a couple of our artists and again this is a very small sampling here at Universal Music Group we have artists that are just coming out we have artists that are well seasoned and we have catalog artists.

So this is a very very small niche of our artists but some of the ones that you might recognize on the screen are Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Alessia Cara who just won a Grammy for Best New Artist Drake M & M of course we have some great catalog artists as well including the Jackson side and the Beatles and Bob Marley very big fan of his. So these are just a couple of our artists that we have at the end under the Universal Music Group umbrella.

I'm going into Universal Music Group talent acquisition. So our talent mission at Universal Music Group we are all fans of music it's something that really connects us all together in our offices we have need to clean all the time music video streaming everywhere there's music blasting in the elevators I always tell people when they ask me what's one of my favorite things about Universal Music Group and I say it's actually the bathroom because when you go into the bathroom it's like normally no one has any music playing or it's like completely dull we have all of our music playing and it could be different genres from rap to pop to classical to country so there's just so many aspects of our office space that's dedicated to music and it's so easy to get familiar with our artist.

So definitely to work here you have to be a music fan because you hear music all the time. And as a company we're committed to developing new services platforms and business models for the delivery of music and related content on behalf of our artists. So this is why our talent management teams seeks out bold and innovative thinkers who are passionate about music and can adapt to our ever-changing business environment. I don't know if you guys are a fan of music but as you're probably familiar with the music landscape has changed drastically over the last few decades I mean we've gone from finals and tapes to CDs and internet downloads and now music is streaming. So it's definitely an environment that we want people to be passionate about but also flexible because music is ever-changing as we know it and we continue to be the trendsetters and the pacemakers in the music landscape so we need talent that's also flexible to match the pace of our industry.

And now getting into the topic of today's webinar recruitment marketing.So recruitment marketing at UMG so these are the three things that we look for on how we approach recruitment marketing so this is kind of the lens that any recruitment marketing effort or initiative that we're going to land on we want to start with doing this. So I just want to take a quick pause and everyone still hear me, let's see hold on and looks like there is a technical difficulty I'm so sorry hold on one second why I get to select up.

Chyra: So how we approach recruitment marketing as I was saying before these are the three lens that we like to look into when we're starting any recruitment marketing initiative and one creativity so is this a fresh idea that we're thinking about piloting is it something that would be enticing something captivating to our audience we definitely want to try to be creative whenever possible especially given our industry.

Two practicality what is feasible for us to manage like I said before I am the sole person that's responsible for recruitment marketing so we're coming from a very lean team. So as much as we might want to do especially in this beginning phase we do have limits just because there's only one head account dedicated to it so practicality is definitely something we always keep into consideration. And last relevancy what can we do that will resonate the most with our audience so if we're doing something to attract candidates what type of campaign or what type of messaging is going to be most valuable to them. If we're doing something to try to engage our hiring team what is the things that they need to hear about the talent acquisition and recruitment process. So we always try to think about who we're targeting for our marketing and then it kind of based the strategy in the campaign after them.

And our 2018 marketing initiative so our 2018 marketing initiatives like I said we're kind of at the jumpstart of our recruitment marketing phase and these are our top three initiatives so number one initiative that probably a few of you can relate to is to start so Universal Music Group and I'll get to this in a later slide we are coming from ground zero so we didn't necessarily have like a lot of things in play we didn't even have social media accounts dedicated to recruiting wise so a lot of our groundwork was just to start like just to have something out there just to start establishing a presence for recruitment marketing both internally within our organization and externally.

So like I was saying these are our 2018 marketing initiatives like I said we're at the jumpstart of recruitment marketing for Universal Music Group so these are the initiatives that we have starting out. Numbers one just to repeat what I went over starting so we had nothing in place so we really wanted to just get started get the ball rolling with establishing a marketing presence in recruitment both internally and externally. We wanted to interact with our quality talent so we wanted to talent so we wanted to use strategic marketing to build relationships where our target candidates.

So we didn't want to just focus on having a lot of people apply to our jobs you know. Naturally given the industry that we're in we do get a fair amount of applicants we really wanted to focus on interacting with the quality talent so gold medalist silver medalist great people we met at events how are we going to interact with them and maintain a relationship with them from a recruitment standpoint. Number three engage our hiring teams Jobvite is a platform that we launched almost a year ago to the date so Jobvite ID was extremely new very very like sophisticated and completely different from what we were using before and our hiring team had to adjust so we had to kind of seize this opportunity as we were transitioning if you using Jobvite to also educate our hiring teams which is a way that we've strategically placed their recruitment marketing so a way for us to use recruitment marketing internally to help educate our hiring teams on our brand new platform which was Jobvite.

So how we started so externally it was definitely the way that we wanted to start out which I think when you're thinking about a recruitment marketing team that's kind of where everyone's head goes to first we're like social media social media social media is everything that you hear about so even though that wasn't a primary focus for us starting out we still knew we had to have that presence that we could build on in the future so we established our own social media account we created at UMG careers and we integrated Jobvite by publisher for automatic postings.

So if you're someone that has a very lean team or you don't have someone that can really be dedicated to social media 24/7 this could be a really great option for you to utilize because they still get the feed going on so they continue to post jobs that are alive on our website they hashtag it we have a trackable URL link assigned to it and it's all automatic because we don't have someone that's dedicated to social media 24/7 we at least didn't have stagnant social media channels that was a really great option for us to utilize at this point we're just starting out and trying to focus on other initiatives. We have constant activity on all of our social media accounts and we do have a flexibility to add more content when needed so on the right hand side you see a sample from our Twitter account on the top half is the Jobvite publisher so an automatic post that went out on behalf of us there a Jobvite I system and on the bottom is actually a picture and a customized caption from everything a career event that we had.

So we can still integrate real-time pose different graphics different photos where we need to but again we're just strategically using the resources that we have with Jobvite to make it a little bit less of a burden for the one recruitment person that we had dedicated to marketing. And for advertisement our soldiers are listed automatically and all of our Jobvite communications to applicants so obviously starting out of social media channel you have no followers and building a following is probably one of the hardest things to do starting out. So for our Jobvite communications anytime someone applies at the very bottom we have links to our social media so we have follow us on Twitter at follow us at Facebook careers.

So because we have so many people that might apply to our website or come through and sign up for job alerts this is a great way for us to get the word out that hey we are on social media and if you want to keep up to date with different jobs that we have posted without going to the website maybe it's just easier for you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter and that has been proven to be very successful. And on average about 1/4 of our candidates have been found from social posts so this one only includes our social media marketing per se but this also includes advent campaign so we'll do different things for event like event webpages or different things like that that I was going to later on that also helps gather people to our website. So a lot of these external efforts and trackable links have helped to build up a lot of candidates in our pipeline. So internally so while we were setting up social media externally and trying to kind of get a couple platforms live and get the word out about our social media we still know we have to do something internally as I mentioned before we had just implemented Jobvite and our hiring managers didn't know anything about the platform and we really wanted to take this opportunity to create recruitment marketing resources that could be used internally just for them.

So an example of that is that we created 60 to 90 second videos that briefly Illustrated key features of Jobvite so setting up from your dashboard reviewing candidates etc that are used to train recruiters and hiring managers alike. So we basically went into the Jobvite system recorded how to set up your dashboard record it how to view your candidates and made these really quick videos so that when we have a new hire that's a recruiter that we can already kind of introduce them to the platform that way with these quick videos immediately before they even start. When we have a new hiring manager starting out and our recruiters do kickoff meetings we can go ahead and email these links to them that they can review these quick minute videos on their own time that way they can better navigate the system and figure out how to do things that they want to do or see their candidates submit feedback all by watching a quick video clip.

So that was a recruitment marketing industry that we focused on internally to help gather our hiring managers support with our new system. How we interact with talent so in addition to you know our hiring managers and making sure they're educated them and have being our presence on social media like I said we really wanted to focus on building relationships and interacting with some of our quality candidates believe might be the diamond in the rough that we came across within day and have a specific role in mine yet but we want to make sure we've maintained a relationship with them this is the strategy that we use for them. So we have it separated into three buckets and that's web campaign email campaigns and event.

And starting out with web campaigns we use Jobvite web campaigns in various aspects so sometimes we'll use the web pages for one-time event so when we go through a career fair we'll set up a web page like the one that you see on the right hand side of your screen and we'll go ahead and set that up on an iPad and we'll have everyone check-in through that if we're talking to someone who's an exceptional candidate we'll have them find out their information right there on the iPad and that information is inputted to the back in to Jobvite into our pipeline and because each page is customizable with tags notes we can already customize each webpage to tell us where we got that person's information from so as soon as someone signs up at a UCLA career fair on the back end we'll see that they came from the UCLA career fair that was held in the fall of 2017 we'll be able to tell which recruiters went there and all of this stuff to kind of jog our memory about how we met them and also to help tailor easy for communication we want to do with them. So if we want to reference them in the email campaign like it was great meeting you I UCLA or if we want to talk to them about the jobs that they said they were interested in like oh it's great meeting you I UCLA we noticed that on our webpage campaign you that you are interested in marketing we have a great marketing role for you.

The web pages has been proven to be very lucrative in helping us interact with our talent in real time events and also help store our pipelines we don't forget the great people that we met with during those career fair in event. We also use webpages for ongoing sourcing efforts so landing pages so if you're not familiar with landing pages sometimes when you come into great contact with like star candidates you might want to just keep their information on file.

So as opposed to just taking a hardcover resume we'll have our sourcer emails and a link to a web page and they'll go ahead and be able to submit their resume again straight in through our pipeline on Jobvite. So the web page that you see on the right hand side might be tailored to be talking about our tech department and all the great things that's going on with tech and we'll have them go ahead and enter all of their information and the little fill inform that you see on the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen and that way on the back end we already have them in our pipeline and we can go ahead and put them in our Jobvite by collections for future job openings or future marketing campaign. Email campaign so a lot of times when we do the webpage set up and we have all these people that we now have in our pipeline and great candidates we want to keep in contact with we will often do email campaign. So we'll send out customized email newsletters to our star candidates to foster an ongoing relationship so a lot of times we might mean great people but the right role isn't available we want to make sure that they remember that we met and also remember us as an employer of choice. So we create these tailored email campaigns that are targeted to the specific audience so whether it's at UCLA student we met at a career fair or whether it's that person that was sourced by our sorcerer and who was really into tech opportunities.

Will design email campaigns that focus on one thing or focus on one industry at Universal Music Group and send it out to that targeted audience. And because were focusing on a target audience as opposed to just sending it out to everyone we have a very high open rate so a lot of our email campaigns will have between 50 to 75% of it open rate and a click-through rate from our jobs is about 40% to 60% so not only are they opening it a lot of people are going on to either look at the jobs that we have listed in these emails or go ahead and even apply to them. So this has been very successful for us in terms of developing a relationship and interacting with these quality candidates that we're meeting and passing so that they don't fall through the cracks. And you can see two of our email campaigns on the right-hand side we had day one that was a mailer for Valentine's Day find a job you love and this went out to our tech people for everyone who is interested in IP opportunities and then we also had Admin Appreciation Day that just passed by a couple of weeks ago so we did a email blast to our star candidates who are really interested in entry-level position talking to them about all the admin roles that were now available at Universal Music Group.

So this is something that it can take a little bit of time to set up but once you have in the pipeline it's a great way for you to interact with your talent and you can just send them a newsletter maybe once a month or once every other month with different job opportunities that you and see what kind of results we could yield for you so it's another great way to use resources without having to devote an extreme amount of time to it. Going on to the next slide. Events so event is something we recently embarked on because we're meeting all these great people we're sending them emails they're engaging with us but we wanted to create something that felt a little more personal and at this time at Universal Music Group we have a lot of entry-level roles open so we were like let's hold a career fair that's targeted to all of these great candidates that we've met in the past for admin or entry-level role and let's invite them to go to our headquarters and we'll have out recruiters there to review their resumes we had a video booth where they could set up like send a little video intro about themselves and they'll email directly to our recruitment team and we had a couple of snacks and goodies.

So it was just a way for us to connect to this pipeline that we have been building over the last year in real time. So throughout the recruitment process as we were going to these career events and as we were engaging people through sourcing efforts we had kind of started collecting a list of people that we really wanted to invite to this event that we had in mind we called it a career Jam. So we just hosted the first career jam this past May and it was a great initiative we got a lot of positive feedback that was good for our brand so a lot of people were tweeting us or they even wrote emails for a team telling us about the great time that was they had while at the career Jam and we also got a few potential hires so a lot of the people that we met there we finally has the right role or opportunity available to them we were able to get them in the interview process.

So sometimes if you have it within your band with setting up event even if it's not a huge event in scale but setting up a private event or an event that invites all of your star candidates to this one location where they can interact with you directly has a great impact because not only is recruitment marketing attracting people to you it's also helping to reinforce your employer brand as a whole why people will want to work for you and the fact that we took this time out to have this event and interact directly with our star candidates really helped us in our employer brand perspective have this great employer twice by the vibes about us and have them really want to reach out to us and so excited that they got to meet and engage with so many members of our team. So if this is something starting out that will be easy for you to manage or a group effort that your team might want to put on in the next six months or a year I highly recommend it because the way we were able to interact with our pipeline and retain and get great talent through the door who we met maybe six months to a year ago has been very beneficial and a great way for us to kind of kick off filling in these admin role.

And moving on to the next slide how we engage with our hiring team so as I kind of briefly went over before we do have internal marketing efforts that are geared towards our hiring team. And those primarily fall into two buckets educational resources and our focus program. So advancing to the next slide our educational resources. So because UMG implemented Jobvite guide about one year ago our recruitment team wanted to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible for our hiring teams being added into the system. So as part of our recruitment marketing we designed a quick one sheet that summarized the key components hiring managers needed to know and our recruiters now take a hard copy of this to their intake meeting and use the videos as an additional reference point for hiring managers so when we first started while we created two sixty and ninety second videos I talked to you guys about but then we started thinking about it and we were like wait what if someone doesn't have time to look through videos a lot of times hiring managers want to get things done very quickly and their time is very valuable and we want to respect that so we're like this is a great opportunity for us as a recruitment team to come up with marketing that can educate them on their Jobvite accounts a Jobvite by resource on the go. So when their recruiters meet with them to do a kickoff meeting they get this one sheeter that goes over the main components through Jobvite that we need them to understand where they can download the app and how they can get in contact with us with feedback with the candidate and different things like that.

So I highly encourage you that if you are struggling with establishing like understanding or if your hiring managers are getting lost with your applicant tracking system or the recruitment process doing things like this that are educational resources have been huge for our hiring teams and not only establishes credibility for us being a recruitment team that we have everything put together and that we understand the programs and the processes that we implement but it also makes them feel cared for that we're not just throwing them into this we're not just giving them a login and sending them links they don't understand they feel like they're being stepped through the process but without as walking down too much of their time.

So any handouts or any videos or any kind of educational resources you can create even though they take a lot of time up front you can use them over and over again for long term usage and luckily with Jobvite they have a great knowledge base so it wasn't like we had to create a lot of this content from scratch they have a knowledge base that goes over a lot of their key features that we were able to pull from and all we did was formatted in a condensed way and branded with our UMG brand to present to hiring managers but it definitely went a great way in engaging our hiring teams and making them more interactive throughout the recruitment process.

And advancing to the next slide so how we engage our hiring teams so we have a program that we recently launched collectively as a recruitment team called focus. And focus is an internal consultative service that's designed to help business units align their talent priorities and partner with recruitment to maximize their candidate outreach. So basically recreate it focus to help with some of our departments that felt like they really wanted to reach out to quality talents but they weren't sure they were doing it the right way so our tech department is like how do we talk about the tech opportunities that we have at UMG and how someone should want to come here when they're looking at jobs at Google and Apple and different things like that.

So focus we created for our hiring teams to not only help them identify ways that they can attract the talent they want but also ways they can leverage Jobvite buy to help build their pipeline so similar to how we use publisher for our company social media we talk to them about using publisher to set up for their own jobs because luckily through a Jobvite guys they can customize it where they can only show text jobs or they can only show Marketing jobs but that way they can consistently reach out to their own network and possibly get candidates through that way.

We also come up with different email tone things we can do or web campaigns we can do we recently had our tech department attend a series of career events and we created custom web pages for them so we created web pages that talked more about their departments that showed photos and videos that recap events that were specifically put on by IT and that way it's something that engages their talent pools something that they feel like they have a brand within the bigger brand at the Universal Music Group. So this is a big initiative that we've launched collectively as a recruitment team but also stems to our recruitment marketing because it helps us tailor how we're going to market to specific target audiences within different departments the whether that's tech or whether that's marketing and this has been a very big and useful resource for us in terms of that.

And summing it all up so advancing to the next slide some key takeaways so the first key takeaway is that it doesn't have to be perfect it just has to start. So don't hesitate on putting yourself out there you're naturally going to improve and learn the best approach for your organization through the process so essentially if you're nervous about starting your recruitment marketing issue is because you don't have a plan or you don't have a strategy in place that you feel like this foolproof I highly encourage you to just dive in there so many of the lessons that we learned during our first year trying to navigate recruitment marketing are by trial and error.

So we didn't always necessarily gravitate towards just having you know pages that talked about IT as landing pages and equipping our IT team with their own email campaigns and landing pages that talk specifically about how they serve at Universal Music Group it was something that we learned later on by interacting with our hiring team learning their needs and learning how we can tie in recruitment marketing to help get them the candidates that they want. So sometimes you just have to dive in there and start to see where you're going to end up with your recruitment marketing. Second is recruitment marketing happens both internally and externally so while it's important to reach out to prospective candidates is equally as valuable to establish credibility with the hiring team can you interact with.

So well recruitment marketing is very external facing you know it is a really big brand opportunity it is a great way for you to advertise your job it is a really good opportunity as well for you to engage the people who you work with. So the hiring managers that are going to interview these candidates and their teams that are going to work with them it's a great opportunity for you to help bridge the gap between recruitment with the hiring team versus recruitment with the candidate. So if external recruitment marketing seems like it's something to outward facing or something that's too big of a accomplishment or too big of an initiative for you to take on at this time I highly recommend you thinking of recruitment marketing from the internal standpoint are there resources that are missing that you can help brand or you can help smooth out to make your hiring teams feel more cared for or to help better cater through their needs especially if you have seeing obstacles or consistent questions that come up.

So definitely thinking it as a strategic tool you can use both in-house and externally and three dual is feasible for now and build from there so explore various marketing opportunities that don't stretch yourself to them you have to identify what's most important and make that your primary focus and then use your resources to work smarter and round out your strategy as you get more settled. So for us even though social media is super popular right now we didn't want to put all of our focus on social media because of where we were standing at the time we had just changed to a new applicant tracking system being Jobvite we had hiring managers that didn't know how to navigate the system so that was our priority educating them and making them feel comfortable using Jobvite and also we had these candidates that we were interacting with we were going to events and that we were losing through the cracks so we wanted to find a way to engage with our quality top talent and that's when we kind of came across prioritizing doing the email campaigns and building up to see where then that way we can interact with these people in our pipeline and get them into the company and not lose them as a valuable talent that they are. So these are top three key takeaways that I have from based on our initial journey with Universal Music Group and for our recruitment marketing moving forward if your advance to the next slide in 2018 and beyond as we can't become more settled in what we're doing and we continue speaking different ways that we can grow in recruitment marketing we're looking to make more customized web pages for our business unit so not only do we have a lot of business units but marketing and Technology and human resources we have a lot of labels to buy do their own hiring.

So there's a lot of ways that we can kind of use the web pages to have everyone kind of advertise was unique about their business unit and what's unique about what they offer to their candidate marketing and so that's something that we really wanted you have the customized web pages so that when our different hiring managers go to events or when were sourcing candidates for them we can have these web pages on standby that really speak to the great things that they're doing within their department under the UMG umbrella. So that's definitely something we're working on building out the rest of this year and going into 2019.

Also targeted recruitment events like I said out career jam was highly successful and that's because it took time for us to build we really interacted with quality talent and it gave us that recognition on employer brand fraud that we cared about our candidates enough to invite them to headquarters and have them meet our team and it also benefited us because we didn't forget about these great kids and these great entry-level candidates by we a met that we want to have a role in our organization we just didn't have a role at the time. So it's a great way for us to bring a lot of those recruitment efforts that we had started early on full circle so events if that something was in your scope or something you would like to build it up too I highly encourage you to talk about it with your team and see if it's feasible even if it's just a small targeted event to a specific pipeline.

And last but not least we do you want to expand on our social media campaigns and collaboration we have a lot of labels under us and we would love to do collaborations with them on social media different ways to advertise their job and show the great things that they're doing externally facing as well because even though we have star candidates these great pipelines we've been building they're going to advance in sourcing efforts we of course want to make sure that we stay attracting quality talent from the external facing world as well so anyone from my stumble across their social media or anyone who might looking to careers at Universal Music Group we want to make sure we have those great videos and updates available to them on our social channels as well so we're going to work on building those out moving forward to.

And moving on to the next slide that wraps up the slides that I have and this is a great time that if anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer them.

Angela: Great. Thank You Chrya, Angela here. I see a lot of questions coming through from the audience right now so I'll get started on a few of them. I have one great question from the audience is how can I get started with recruitment marketing at my organization.

Chyra: That is a great question because the recruit and marketing is still new and it's definitely something that a lot of employers are coming over to slowly but surely a great way to get started we recruit marketing is by getting the buy-in from your HR partners and the best way to do that is by doing your research so I mean you guys are already with attend webinars which is amazing but there's a lot of great references online and articles online that prove having recruitment marketing is great for your talent acquisition team like I said not just in attracting candidates and building your employer brand but also having that internal value and having something that makes you more credible in the eyes of your hiring managers as well so if you feel like recruitment marketing is something really important to you but you feel like that still hasn't been communicated or necessarily prioritized by HR or your business partners I highly encourage you to do research and kind of compile a PowerPoint or a quick reference guide that can kind of point to some statistics as to why recruitment marketing is growing and why it's so important for growing talent acquisition environment.

Angela: Great thanks Chrya and I have another question here and I know that we saw some poll results that seem to reflect this as well as just the question is similar to you I'm also the only person responsible for recruitment marketing at my organization so therefore how do you prioritize your initiatives and your day to day work.

Chyra: That is a great question I can definitely sympathize with anyone who's the one person because I think when you're especially passionate about recruitment marketing you want to be everywhere at once and the harsh reality is just that you can't and I think when you're coming from a recruitment marketing background and a recruitment marketing perspective you really have to think about the immediate needs of your clients and whether your clients or your hiring managers or your clients are the recruitment team that you're supporting you have to look and see what do they need the most help with so for us we needed more help with engaging our hiring teams as we transition this Jobvite and showing them the great Jobvite by resources available to them in the ways that they can navigate the system. We needed help with retaining these great candidates that we were meeting out and making sure that we establish a relationship with them and that they weren't falling through the cracks and that's what sparked a lot of the initiatives I shared with you guys during this presentation.

So if you're not sure where to start or how to prioritize I highly encourage you to have those conversations with your recruitment team or with your hiring managers and kind of identify what seems to be the biggest need for them at this time. You know and sometimes maybe it is just having a social media presence and just getting the word out there but sometimes it could be something super small like you know be great if I had a handout that kind of gave me great questions or easy answers that I can give people who are seeking about internships in my department different things like that. So you never really know what the needs are your clients are facing unless you talk to them. So I highly encourage you to talk to them and they'll help you prioritize when it is you want to pursue as moment and how to prioritize your day-to-day work.

Angela: Great and the next question we have here is looking forward how do you see recruitment marketing evolved at UMG and what's up next for the company?

Chyra: So recruitment marketing at UMG I definitely think we'll continue to grow. I think we've definitely had a lot of initiatives and a lot of creative trials with recruitment marketing that kind of proved that it was not only fun to do but it also had you know results you know it had us developing relationships that had us getting brand recognition it had us retaining great quality talent. So I think moving forward we're going to try to continue to maintain the efforts that we've already started so the email campaign event creating the web pages when we go to events and using them for sourcing initiative but we also want to do different things as well so like collaborating with our labels so if Interscope has an intern that's doing a really cool assignment maybe that's something we could video and embed and one of our email campaigns are put on social media but making that more of a partnership UMG is really unique in the way that we have so many different labels and business units that fall under one name but they have such different personalities so we want to involve recruitment marketing so it's reflective not only that Universal Music Group is a great employer and that we have great jobs available but these are the different things that each department does that contributes to us being the leader in music entertainment today so definitely coming up with more tailored recruitment marketing campaigns and recruitment marketing event that speak to our different departments and labels it's definitely going to be how we move forward.

Angela: Great sounds good Chrya and we have another question here and I think you touched on this a little bit but the question is when recruitment marketing was just getting started at UMG how did you get by it across the organization port this initiative?

Chyra: Yeah so definitely like I was saying before like doing that research and getting those articles and those stats and putting together a presentation I definitely think giving someone the information and kind of showing the results or even example of how other organizations are navigating recruitment marketing is a great way for you to get buy-in and then once you have the buy-in it's easy for you to get started like I said kind of tying in to the other questions it's about you know prioritizing what needs to be done first you know emphasizing about recruitment marketing isn't just something that would benefit your company externally it will help benefit you internally and it's something that will help boost your brand and boost your credibility throughout the organization and drive so definitely doing your research will help with getting that buy-in.

Angela: Great thank you Chrya, question here from the audience of more around just the structure of how the TA function works at UMG is how many recruiters does UMG currently?

Chyra: Great question so UMG has about six to seven recruiters and they support different business units underneath their umbrellas and in addition to our recruitment team we have a recruitment ops team so the recruitment ops team doesn't recruit candidates per se we help with more Jobvite maintenance making sure Jobvite is running smoothly. Jobvite is a global platform for Universal Music Group so we help with the global launch of Jobvite with other countries recruitment marketing calls under talent operations. So taking into the recruitment operations team it's about rounding out like 12 to 14 people total but out of that about half of them are recruiters it's a great question.

Angela: Great Thank You Chrya and another question here is on average how many folks does UMG hire in a given month.

Chyra: Oh in a given month you know it kind of depends on the roles that we have open and the desire time to sell so sometimes we have large quantities of like right now we have a lot of admin jobs open which is part of the reason why we did our event to help make sure we're filling in those roles fulfilling them with quality candidates. But probably on average I'd say we could hire around trying to think maybe I want to say like 50 to 60 employees maybe if it's like a slower month and if it's like a faster month and we were filling in a lot of roles it could be anywhere between like 70 to 100.

Angela: Got it great and one question was specifically on one of the slides that you touched on which was the career jam slide and the question is any specific activities at the career jam.

Chyra: Oh great question yeah we did have specific activities so the way we structured our career jam was kind of like a speed networking event so we had booths set up all throughout the first floor of our headquarters and we gave them a map of the different booths so they started at booth one which was check-in and then booth two was where they got to meet our benefits team and learn a little bit about what general benefits we provide at UMG and then the third booth they would go to would be our learning and development team so learning about ways we continue to encourage the career growth of our employees when they join the organization. And we had a couple of optional booths so booth 4 was where they could record a video kind of like a video interview of them so they can go into a booth and have about a 30 or 60 second video where they're just kind of talking about their background and why they want to work at UMG we had a booth that was dedicated to resume critiques so if they wanted some feedback on their resume they could talk to members of our HR recruitment team and they would look it over and give them that one-on-one feedback.

We had a booth that was dedicated to many interviews so just kind of asking one to two questions of the attendees and like what's your background why are you interested in Universal Music Group can you tell me a little bit more about your experience so they could have a face-to-face interview in case they prefer that over the video one and then like our final booth with where we gave some small gateways and we had a couple of bites that they could eat on their way out and the way it worked with the booth is like I said they were all numbered so they kind of went through the whole flow of the booth they could skip the ones that were optional like the interview pieces bu it helped keep up the organization and the flow of it but helps making little lively so it wasn't just like they came in and they just didn't know who to talk to they all kind of like were ushered into these different booths and we had members of a whole HR team so it was definitely a big initiative I don't want to downplay that it was something we had to plan extensively but we have members of our whole HR team contribute to talking to these candidates and making them so comforted and welcomed into the organization also answering any questions that they had in regards to their particular booth.

Angela: Great and we have one more question here from the audience did you develop and deploy an EVP.

Chyra: The EVPs we're still kind of selling out so because of the way that we did the recruitment marketing we kind of just had to start we wanted to make sure we went into the recruitment marketing with something in play and kind of fine-tuned from there we had different value proposition so we were kind of seeing like oh should we establish one ahead of time should we establish one as we go so the approach we took was to kind of feel out the needs for our clients feel out the needs for our recruitment department try out a couple of things and then at the conclusion of this year we're going to establish a consistent EVP and I know it's different for every organization some people like to have that in mind beforehand some people already have one in play that's just what particularly works for us just because we kind of want it to dive in kind of see what we could do we're recruitment marketing it's something that hasn't really been developed or finessed at Universal Music Group's before so we kind of wanted to get a feel for the different things we could do the different needs that we felt needed immediate servicing and then kind of collect and create the EPP from there, great question.

Angela: Thank You Chrya, I know we just have a few more minutes left so I'm going to end with this final question is if you had to impart some words of wisdom to the folks on the line right now kind of what would your tips for tips and tricks for them be around recruitment marketing?

Chyra: I think the biggest words of wisdom I have is to not psych yourself out there's a lot of things that you can read there's a lot of things that you can resource and a lot of like presentations that you can make and you know you can do all the research in the world about recruitment marketing but I really believe that the best way to kind of go about what's going to work best for your business and what's going to work best for your organization is through experience and by piloting different things and going forth and trying things and not being afraid if something maybe doesn't work out because that's how you learn how to better fine-tune things.

You know when we started doing email campaigns or web pages there are a lot of lessons that we learned early on to help make those really successful recruitment marketing initiatives for us and everyone's in different industries everyone has different talent acquisition setups and different values that their organizations are priority so there's not always one universal truth as to how you can approach it so I definitely encourage you to not be afraid to start not be afraid if things don't work well definitely do your research and it's always great to see how other people are doing recruitment marketing and it's always great to get new and fresh ideas through research but not let that hold you back from trying may be a great idea that you have in your head or a great idea that you came up with the team and seeing how that works out because it might not have worked out for another organization but it might be something that will work out extremely well for you so definitely leveraging the experience that you'll get just by getting started so don't be afraid don't psych yourself out by doing too much research.

Angela: Great Thank You Chrya and I think now we'll just turn it back over to Sherry.

Sherry: Thanks Angela, and Chrya thank you so much I want to thank you for presenting such an informative webcast today for us and to Jobvite for sponsoring it so very much appreciated thank you both. Now just a reminder that this webcast will be available in HR comm archives for up to seven days for our three members and without restrictions for those with the certification membership. Your webcast credits are stored in your account we will also be sending you at the credit information to you in an email. Your feedback is very important to us so please take a couple of moments to fill out the exit survey that will appear on your screen once this webinar room has closed and thanks again everyone for joining us and enjoy the rest of your day.