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Jobvite’s 2020 Prep KitGear up for recruiting in 2020 with Jobvite's 2020 Prep Kit! Learn key strategies to get your team ready for next year with a solid recruiting plan and a set of benchmark metrics to measure your success.Read More
The Recruiter’s 2019 Prep KitDownload the 2019 Prep Kit to gear up for recruiting in 2019! Everything you need to know to attract top talent in your organization and have a successful year of recruiting. Read More
The Recruiter’s Benchmarking KitGreat recruiting is an art, but it helps to have the numbers to back up your performance. It’s time to find out. Download the Recruiter's Benchmarking Kit to access the most comprehensive assets to benchmark your recruiting efforts.Read More
The Essential Sourcing KitThe best candidates aren’t waiting for you. Create a strong sourcing strategy to find the best talent for your organization and learn the key strategies and tactics to build a strong talent pipeline with our “Essential Sourcing Kit."Read More
Recruiting Strategy Makeover KitImagine your current to-do list. Even the smallest tasks start to add up. Suddenly you're too busy to think big picture and improve your entire recruiting process. Make time to tackle your existing strategy, or start brand new, with the Recruiting Strategy Makeover Kit.Read More
Choose Your ATS KitWith so many Applicant Tracking Systems on the market, it's hard to pinpoint the perfect one for your organization without understanding your needs first. Find out what you need your recruiting technology to do for you in our, "Choose Your ATS," kit.Read More
The Essential Onboarding KitTwenty percent of employee churn happens within the first 45 days. Our kit will not only cover the top 10 most common onboarding mistakes and how to fix them, but it will also provide you with a checklist to onboard new employees just right.Read More
The Social Recruiting Kit for SuccessWith almost half of job seekers searching for their next position on social media, social recruiting is no longer optional—it's vital. You'll have everything you need to develop a strong strategy with our new Social Recruiting Kit.Read More
The Complete Recruiting Metrics KitCan you prove your recruiting ROI? Download our Recruiting Metrics Kit and discover your must-have recruiting analytics and metrics. See how you stacks up against recruiting industry benchmarks collected from thousands of Jobvite customers and millions of job seekers. Read More
2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

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