Jobvite Fast Facts Data SheetJobvite is an end-to-end Talent Acquisition Suite that takes a marketing-first approach to intelligently attract dream candidates, automatically screen for the highest quality, engage employees invested in the future, and retain the people who care the most about your organization by combining the power of AI and the human touch.Read More
Connecting the Dots to Build Talent Pipelines with the Right CandidatesIn this guide, we’ll dive into the benefits that come from seeing and building connections between recruiting and marketing to fill a talent pipeline with highly qualified and skilled candidates that fit the needs of your company like a glove.Read More
A Guide to Successful Organizational Readiness and Change ManagementWith the volume of HRTech out there, many companies are still not succeeding at implementation. Why does implementation failure happen? One common cause is a lack of organizational readiness. In this guide, we’ll talk about the biggest mistakes made, and most importantly, how you can avoid them.Read More
21 Minutes to Improve Diversity Hiring in 2021Join us for a conversation with Jobvite’s VP of Talent, Kelly Lavin, and Amy Hughes, Sr. Director of Customer Enablement at Jobvite, on best practices to increase diversity hiring in 2021. Help ensure your workforce is representative of the community and customer base you serve.Watch
21 Minutes to Get Better Insights From Your Talent Acquisition Data in 2021Join Morgan Llewellyn, PhD, Chief Data Scientist at Jobvite, as he takes 21 minutes to help you discover what hidden gems lie within your TA data for 2021. He takes a look at common talent acquisition data findings and how to go about drawing insights.Watch
2020 Recruiter Nation SurveyEvery year, Jobvite surveys hundreds of recruiters and HR professionals for our Recruiter Nation report, a full-scale analysis of trends and priorities in hiring. This year’s report was undoubtedly different. See what 2020's changes had in store for recruiters. Read More
9 Recruiting Shifts in 2020 that are Here to Stay in 2021What a year it’s been for the recruiting industry, as we react to dramatic shifts in markets brought on by a worldwide crisis. In this webinar, Kerry Gilliam, VP of Marketing at Jobvite, and Leah Daniels, SVP of Strategy at Appcast, discuss 9 recruiting shifts that should impact your strategy and tactics for 2021.Watch
Empowering Recruiters with AI & AutomationMorgan Llewellyn, Chief Data Scientist at Jobvite and Jesse Ofner, Solutions Architect at Jobvite discuss how talent acquisition teams can apply AI and automation to recruiting in this webinar at HCI's 2020 Strategic Talent Acquisition Virtual Conference.Watch
Intelligent Messaging Data SheetIntelligent Messaging gives recruiters a new innovative channel to connect with candidates in real time and engage in conversations that matter through text recruiting. It allows you to chat with candidates faster, gain a competitive advantage, track your candidate engagement metrics, and reduce your overall time-to-fill.Read More
2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

When Change is the Only Constant: Timely insights into the
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