Summer to Evolve 2021

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The Summer to Evolve: Road Trip presented by Jobvite

With multiple sessions each week, you’ll explore topics such as building talent pools to support rapid hiring, the TA metrics driving business outcomes, and how leveraging recruitment technology will help you find and hire top talent faster. Ready your team for what's next in TA and invest in your own educational growth (earn SHRM credits for individual sessions!).

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June 7-11
Week 1 Ramping up post-pandemic

Ramping Up Post Pandemic

In our first session of Two Talented Tuesday, we’re discussing the urgent hiring needs facing businesses as they move to return to pre-pandemic staffing. Join Joel Cheesman Founder of Poach and co-host of The Chad and Cheese Podcast, and Michael Wright, Global Head of Talent Acquisition for GroupM, to learn about the strategies and tips they have for hiring top talent, quickly.

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Joel Cheesman
groupm-quoteMichael Wright

Racing Back to Normal Hiring, How to Get There

Join Jason Berkowitz, Senior Account Manager at Jobvite, for 6 tips for quickly adapting your talent strategy to meet your increasing recruitment needs. If your team’s hiring hasn’t already picked up speed, it’s on its way! And this session will help you plan your talent acquisition approach for your next season of hiring.

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Jason Berkowitz

Efficient Recruitment Marketing Tools to Ramp Up Quickly

Phil Faivre, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how to reduce your sourcing efforts by capitalizing on current and growing talent pools. Learn how to connect with top talent wherever they are with embedded communication tools. See how to promote your employer brand to key audiences by using best-in-class web design career sites.

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Phil Faivre

June 14-18
Week 2 The new diverse workforce  ​

Attracting the New Diverse Workforce

We’re excited to bring Hung Lee, Curator of Recruiting Brainfood and Co-Founder and CEO of Workshape, back into the virtual studio to discuss hiring in a time where there is an increasing focus on diversity and inclusion. He’ll be joined by Tamara Rasberry, HR Consultant and advocate for DEIB and mental health awareness.

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Hung Lee
Tamara Rasberry

DE&I — Moving from Strategy to Action

Join Chondra Osorno, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to understand the importance behind shifting from DE&I strategic planning to action. You’ll leave with tips for establishing a diversity brand, strategies that lead to successful diversity recruitment, and how to build community partners for achieving your talent acquisition goals.

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Chondra Osorno

Use Company Messaging and Outreach to Attract a Diverse Workforce

Does your employer brand convey your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion? Your effort to diversify your workforce may be hindered by your messaging not speaking to all audiences. Phil Faivre, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how Talemetry by Jobvite’s Diversity Pages and Career Sites can reveal your values to prospects and candidates. Learn how targeted email campaigns effectively communicate with all talent pools.

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Phil Faivre

June 21-25
Week 3 Using automation

Using Automation to Navigate High Applications per Req

Sourcing, screening, scheduling – it all takes too much time. You want to spend your time connecting with potential hires, not crossing off candidates that don’t have the skills you’re looking for. Kevin Grossman, President and Board Member of Talent Board and Kevin Mease, VP of Product Management at Jobvite, join us this week to discuss how advances in automation can help you navigate increased number of applications and hire top talent faster.

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Kevin Grossman
Kevin Mease

Speed Up Hiring — How Automation Can Improve Your Process

Join Kristin Burwell and Lee Goss, Customer Success Managers at Jobvite, for tips on how to leverage data to identify recruitment bottlenecks, and opportunities for automation to lend a helping hand with your high-volume hiring needs. They’ll overview best practices for successfully mapping your talent acquisition workflow, plus share which specific types of TA automation can get you there.

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Kristin Burwell
Lee Goss

Increase Recruiter Efficiency with Jobvite’s Automation

A recruiter’s workday is hard enough without the tedium of mundane tasks. Leaving phone messages, waiting on candidate replies, and setting interview times, when viewed at scale, can add days to the recruitment process. Jenn Zazzetti, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how Jobvite tools can automate those time-consuming actions and make your day more efficient.

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Jenn Zazzetti

June 28-July 2
Week 4 Inclusive employee culture

Building an Inclusive Employee Culture No Matter the Location

From returning to in person office to hiring more remote workers, every employee has the right to feel like they belong. Julie Sowash, Executive Director at Disability Solutions, joins Johanna Lucas, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at BioMarin, to discuss how to build an inclusive employee culture no matter where your employees are.

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Julie Sowash
Johanna Lucas

Culture Wins! Adapting to the New World of Work

Prioritizing culture is especially important as current and prospective employees adapt to the current workplace revitalization following the challenges of 2020. So how can we make sure that positive candidate experiences transfer to the employee experience? Join M.T. Ray, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to discuss how to showcase employment brand, build HR programs that support your values, and foster growth and opportunity for employees within your organization.

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M.T. Ray

Reduce Unconscious Bias and Convey Your Message of Inclusion

To connect with the diverse talent pools of today, organizations must strive to remove unconscious bias throughout the recruitment process. Jobvite’s innovate tools allow you to not only convey the best messaging, but also remove bias from the review process. Jenn Zazzetti, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how you can remove references to location, gender, and more from candidate resumes. Learn how to check your job descriptions to ensure they resonate with all.

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Jenn Zazzetti

July 5-9
Week 5 Importance of communication

Using Communication to Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

This week on Two Talented Tuesday, we’re joined by Trish McFarlane, long-time HR leader, advisor, and co-host of the HR Happy Hour podcast to go over the latest data on how candidates feel about the hiring experience. She’ll be joined by Tony Suzda, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy at Dent Wizard International.  

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Trish McFarlane
Tony Suzda

The Importance of Communication to Positive Candidate Experience

Join Aaron Bales, COE Solutions Manager at Jobvite, and Alex Dinwiddie, Customer Success Manager at Jobvite, to discuss how best practices for powerful employment branding across your career site, communications, and application process positively impact the candidate experience. They’ll share their favorite tips for communications with prospective employees from text, email, and employment branding videos, to questionnaires, phone or in-person interviews and even video conferencing.

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Alex Dinwiddie
Aaron Bales

Connect with Your Candidates Where They Are

Talent prospects, like everyone else, are inundated with information from multiple sources. Are you communicating with your talent pool where they are? Do you have a multifaceted strategy to convey your messaging across disparate channels? From creating content for different talent pools, to connecting with candidates in their preferred medium, Jenn Zazzetti, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you Jobvite’s tools to enhance your candidate’s experience.

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Jenn Zazzetti

July 12-16
Week 6 Data-driven recruiting

Using Data to Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Everyone in every business needed to pivot in 2020. Is your organization prepared for future changes? Madeline LauranoCo-Founder of Aptitude Research and one of the brightest minds in our space, joins Adam Glassman, Senior Manager, Employment Brand at Cox Enterprises for this week’s Two Talented Tuesday to talk about how having a foundation built on data in recruiting can help any organization adapt to changing business needs. 

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Madeline Laurano - Founder, Aptitude ResearchMadeline Laurano
Adam Glassman

Why Data-Driven Recruiting Leads to TA Success

Understanding how and when candidates are entering your talent pipeline or consuming your career site content can lead to valuable insights into your talent engagement strategies. Join John Julio, SVP at Talentegy by Jobvite, to learn more about how bringing data together from multiple systems provides actionable insights for improving your recruitment outcomes, ROI, and enriching your candidate experience.

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John Julio

Analytics to Find Efficiencies and Bottlenecks to Meet Your Business Needs

Reporting and analytics are more than just numbers for the top of the organization. At every level of the recruiting team, customizable reports can show teams or individuals a quantitative view of their recruiting world. Casey Gibson, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how to use the data to see what is going right, what is going wrong, and where you need to shore up. From team level efficiencies to individual priorities, analytics can clarify your process.

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Casey Gibson

July 19-23
Week 7 Centralized vs. Decentralized

Centralized vs. Decentralized Talent Acquisition

What’s best for your organization – centralized or decentralized talent acquisition? Each has their benefits and drawbacks in certain situations. Kris Dunn, CHRO of Kinetix, Founder of HR Capitalist, and author of The 9 Faces of HR joins Evan Cobb, Senior Director, People Potential, Global Talent Acquisition at Rightpoint to talk it through on the latest Two Talented Tuesday.

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Kris DunnKris Dunn
Evan Cobb

Centralized vs. Decentralized TA — Which is Right for You?

Rapidly-changing business needs drive the direction of our TA strategies and the quest to find and hire the best talent more rapidly. This is especially true when certain areas of your organization have key roles to fill by location or specialization. Join Andres Bueker, Sr. Director, Account Management at Jobvite, to discuss different strategies for improved recruitment efficiency and how a decentralized hiring process with centralized technology can help.

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Andres Bueker

Evolve and Scale Up Your Recruiting Process

Talent Acquisition teams must be agile to meet ever changing business needs. As organizations, expand, relocate, or completely transform, you must have systems that can adapt with you. Casey Gibson, Jobvite Solutions Engineer, will show you how Jobvite’s ATS enables your organization to evolve from national to global, physical to remote, or whatever your company requires. See how the system will take your process to the next level.

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Casey Gibson

July 26-30
Week 8 Agile Recruiting

Achieve Agile Recruiting with a Data-Driven Approach

Imagine having an agile recruiting force with the ability to bend but not break as business needs change. With the right tools and practices, you can get there. Join us for our last Two Talented Tuesday, where we’ll talk to Ben Eubanks, HR Analyst and Founder of Lighthouse Research & Advisory, and author of Artificial Intelligence for HR: Making Work More Human, Not Less and Trent Cotton, VP Talent Acquisition & Retention at Bureau Veritas Group. They’ll discuss how a data-driven approach can enable you to achieve agile recruiting.   

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Ben Eubanks
Trent Cotton

In a Changing Hiring Marketplace — Agility Delivers Success

Phoebe Glynn, Chief of Staff, Accounts, at Jobvite discusses why it's necessary to pivot and adjust your talent acquisition practice in an iterative, repeatable way to meet your evolving talent needs. Learn why experts anticipate more difficulty for filling open roles, how agile methodology is helping them win their recruiting strategy, and the data they leverage to make business decisions.

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Phoebe Glynn

Get a True Picture of Your Overall Process Using Analytics

Robust modern recruiting teams produce copious amounts of data from a multitude of resources. Data, however, is only as good as your ability to access and synthesis into a plan of action. TA leadership must be able to easily access information to stay agile in response to ever changing business needs. See how our reporting and analytics give an overall picture of your process. We provide resources to not only analyze our own ATS and CRM platforms but can provide a vendor agnostic tool to measure candidate experience through your entire HR stack.

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John Julio
Casey Gibson