The Most Impactful Automation to Find and Hire Top Talent Today [Webinar]

As we recover from the pandemic of the last year, TA teams are struggling to fill open roles. We’ve seen companies like one McDonald’s franchise offering applicants $50 to just show up for an interview. Chipotle is offering $200 referral bonuses and raising their average hourly wage to $15. Marriott is seeing customer demand to stay at their hotels rapidly recovering, but they are struggling to hire employees to serve those customers. There is an endless list of these stories. And to make it more difficult, many TA teams have been reduced over the past year. Overworked and under resourced recruiters today are facing unprecedented pressure to find and hire top talent quickly. But there is hope. And that hope is Automation.

Automation in process and technology will be the key to empowering recruiters to be the hiring heroes.

During this webinar recording from July 13th, you will learn:

  • The value of an agile talent acquisition process to hiring quickly
  • How to remove repetitive administrative tasks to hire better talent twice as fast with automation
  • How to leverage technology to filter and sort candidates so that the best candidates rise to the top
  • How integrations with tools like LinkedIn RSC can make recruiters more efficient
  • Stories of TA teams that have reduced their time to fill by more than 25% and increased candidate conversion rates to over 80%

Join us for this interactive webinar with Jobvite’s Kurt Jones, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Amber Ferrari, Marketing Manager, and Kevin Mease, VP of Product Management, as we discuss how to automate TA to hire top talent faster.