The Ultimate Talent Pool Checklist

The Ultimate Checklist to Source Great Candidates

If you struggle to find the right candidates for the right positions at the right time, you’re not alone. The road to finding the right candidates is a long and daunting one. That’s why you need a talent pool—a group of highly qualified, highly skilled prospective candidates that you cultivate and nurture before you need to hire. When that job req opens, these are the people that are open to hearing about your company.

The following checklist is designed to give you the tips and tools you need to start building a talent pool today.


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Bulletproof your Employment Brand
Your employment brand speaks volumes about your company. You need a strong online presence and a robust, easy-to-use career site that portrays an authentic, yet compelling portrait of your company.

   Maintain a strong online presence—website, social media, email.
   Tell an engaging, authentic story about your company.
   Use compelling anecdotes, visuals, and data points to communicate your company values and culture.
   Know where your candidates go for information and have a presence there.
   Implement a social listening program to monitor online conversations about your company. Engage online to address concerns or questions. 


Activate your Brand Ambassadors
Your happy employees are your best evangelists. Identify them and make it easy for them to share information about your company with their peers and connections.

   Identify your employee evangelists and understand where they engage online.
   Provide employees with snippets of company updates and accomplishments that they can share on their social media networks.
   Follow top candidates from your competitors on Twitter. You’ll be able to spot developments that may make those candidates open to talking to your company.
   Promote job openings across channels—email, social media, your website.
   Incentivize employees with a rewarding referral program


Customize your Communications
One size does not fit all when it comes to messaging. Tailor your messages to the needs of your different audiences.

   Identify your skills gaps and the hardest to fill positions.
   Create custom communications to target those hard-to-find candidates.
   Leverage technology to send personalized communications to many.
   Get creative with email and social media campaigns and incorporate timely events and compelling visuals to rise above the noise.
   Nurture your “silver medalists.” Cultivate candidates that came in second for a position for a future role at your company.


Think Like a Marketer
In today’s job market, recruiting is marketing. As you build your talent pool, give your candidates a reason to stay engaged with your company.

   Nurture your talent pool with a regular cadence of communications.
   Communicate with your candidates across channels—email, social media, your website.
   Make it easy for your candidates to interact with your company by being accessible and responsive.
   Offer ways for candidates to connect on your career site without applying for a job.
   Organize your CRM with standard naming conventions to make it easy to search and find candidates in your talent pool.
   Identifying and nurturing top candidates before you need to hire will help give you an edge in an ultra-com petitive talent market. With this checklist, you now have the tools and tips you need to start building a stellar talent pool.

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Download the PDF