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HR Tech Recap Blog: Homecoming

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you can’t go home again.” It’s a reference to a 1940 novel by Thomas Wolfe which means that you can’t really go back to a place you once lived because so much will have changed since you left, that it’s not the same place anymore.

When I heard that HR Tech would be back in person this year, I was thrilled. The conference is always a whirlwind of long days and sore feet, but it’s worth it to see the technology advances in HR software and connect with the leaders in the space. Yet, I wondered, would that same magic be there this year?

Time doesn’t stand still in the places we leave behind. We’re not the same people we were in 2019 and HR Tech wasn’t the same either. HR Tech 2021 was different. Even though the crowd was smaller due to fears of the delta variant, the spirit of HR Tech was strong. It was a homecoming for everyone in attendance. There was a palpable buzz that gave me hope that by next year, things might be back to normal.

At Jobvite, we were front and center throughout the week. Morgan Llewellyn accepted our Top HR Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive for Zero-Click Intelligent Sourcing, our booth was buzzing with all four demo stations showing attendees how we can make recruiting smarter, faster, and easier. And I was honored to join Don Weinstein of ADP and Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research on Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese’s 500th episode of the HR Happy Hour podcast.

The highlight of the week was being able to share our insights into agile recruiting. Kerry Gilliam, VP of Marketing, and Theresa Rice, VP of Customer Success, shared how organizations can build agile resiliency with a data-driven approach in talent acquisition. In case you missed it, here are five key takeaways from their session.

1. There has never been a situation like the one that recruiters face today.

After a year of staff reductions and lean operations, the hiring market has exploded as companies try to move back to pre-pandemic staffing levels. Yet, there are 10 million unfilled jobs in the US. Recruiting is harder than it’s ever been before. Companies are raising pay rates and they are getting creative, like one McDonald’s franchise that was paying applicants just to show up for interviews. And a lot of this is outside the control of TA teams. So, what can they do to survive the race for talent?

2. The answer is agile recruiting through data insights

Historically, we look at recruiting in terms of well-defined processes and technology tools. We attempted to create comprehensive documentation. We focused on established contract negotiations and sticking to an established plan.

Implementing agile methodologies and best practices supported by data can help TA teams to hire faster, improve their quality of hire, and reduce costs. Gartner has done some research that shows that TA teams that are using agile practices achieve:

  • 37% decrease in cost-per-hire
  • 22% reduction in time-to-fill
  • 31% increase in recruiter productivity

3. Make sure your tech stack is fully integrated

The average company has 9-10 systems involved in their TA tech stack. Having systems that are tightly integrated so that teams are not working in disparate silos is critically important to have a singular view of a candidate or applicant. Collaborating with hiring managers, stakeholders, and candidates in a timely manner becomes a priority. For example, having a hiring manager app on their phones so that they can comment on and stay connected as a candidate moves through their journey helps deliver a better candidate experience. And building a process that includes the ability to respond to change allows you to pivot and be responsive to changing market conditions.

4. Always put the candidate experience first

Are you personalizing the experience by creating an environment that is candidate-centric?

With a more agile approach, we focus more on individuals and the interactions we have with them. We know that every moment matters, so forget a rigid process – but how can we create a moment that will matter?

5. Turn up your TA potential

Acting in a more agile way, trying things out, and learning quickly opens the doors for more potential – from recruiters, from hiring managers, and from candidates. An agile process with regular lookbacks enables individuals and organizations to learn more and respond faster. Adopting a dynamic mindset for recruiting will help you to evolve how you work and continuously improve your tactics and strategies.

Final thoughts

It was really a great week back at HR Tech as we slowly move back toward a sense of normalcy. Hat tip to Steve Boese and the entire team at LRP. If you’d like to learn more about how Jobvite can help your team become agile and get ahead of the competition, visit us at and request a demo.