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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

As you’ve probably heard, Jobvite has officially moved. We are now happily, proudly, and comfortably settled in the new office space that we designed and built here in beautiful San Mateo, CA. Physically, we’re not too far from our old building. Mentally, however, we are worlds away.

Our new work environment has been thoughtfully and deliberately configured to achieve balance for our employees—between self and team, between introspection and collaboration, and between work and play.

Here are a few highlights:

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a conference room? That’s right. All of our conference rooms are named after superheroes—from Avengers (the board room) and Marvel (where we host our all-hands meetings) to Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and Black Widow (and more!). We also have two-person huddle rooms named for superhero alter egos, including Price, Kent, Wayne, Grey and Stark. I loved the idea of this metaphor because the key constituents who live Jobvite every day—our customers and employees—are my heroes. And anything we can do to help great companies build great teams is heroic work for everyone involved.
  • We focus on our values. Literally. In an effort to remind ourselves what’s important on a daily basis, we’ve hung posters around our office featuring our corporate values—things like Customers Matter Most, Always Pursue a Better Way, and more.  We live, hire and prioritize based on these values.
  • We’re open to collaboration. Teamwork and collaboration are critical to our success, so our new space features an open plan that groups teams together without boundaries. All of us sit in a large open space with high ceilings, and there are no corner offices here. We all sit at open desks. Mind you, they are really awesome motorized desks that raise and lower for standing or sitting—an investment in the comfort and productivity of our employees. We also designed collaboration space around the office to allow people to gather and brainstorm outside the confines of a conference room.  And our employees love it. This is an atmosphere supercharged for innovation.
  • We’re not too serious. And that’s a good thing. An environment that’s “all work and noplay” fosters fatigue and apathy—things that stifle growth. That’s why I truly believe that playtime is a must. As I type this, there is a group of people in the kitchen working on their laptops in front of a screen projecting the NCAA tournament (it’s been on all day). We also have a foosball tournament underway, and our ping pong table is always in use. Last Friday, we had people gathering to enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate the end of a successful first week in the new space. I’m anticipating this will be a regular occurrence. We work hard together, and we relax together.

I hope this gives you a glimpse of the Jobvite culture—and of how our new building embodies this culture. We’re thrilled to be here, and I invite all of you to visit us someday soon.


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