Candidate Experience

Create an unforgettable candidate experience

At Jobvite, we understand that having a good candidate experience is key to recruiting top talent. Our Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite is designed with candidates in mind so that you can effortlessly provide an excellent candidate experience.

Career sites

A candidate’s experience begins with the career site, so we’ll help you put your best foot forward. Jobvite’s professional services will build your dream site using advanced capabilities within the powerful career site framework of the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite.

  • Your premium career site will work seamlessly across desktops, mobile devices, and social platforms
  • Our apply process is seamless with quick apply, parsing resumes, and no registration process required
  • Showcase your unique company culture, values, and perks to help candidates envision themselves working at your company
  • Personalized job recommendations, content, and messaging to build meaningful connections
  • Consistent branding across all devices to make candidates feel welcome and excited








ATS and Onboard

ATS and Onboarding capabilities enable your team to create a customized process to efficiently hire and onboard candidates.

  • Referral capabilities, candidate matching, and video screening help you focus on the most qualified candidates
  • Candidate communication tracking maintains a single record of all conversations to and from every candidate across all of their applications
  • Delayed candidate rejection emails allow you to maintain a positive employer brand while letting your applicants down easy
  • Mobile-optimized and branded new hire portals give new hires a head start
  • Smart scheduling enables candidates to see when available times are for interviews and self-schedule streamlining the interview process



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Intelligent Messaging

Lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints from candidates, so use Intelligent Messaging to connect with candidates in real-time and engage in conversations that matter.

  • Reach candidates where they are and when they are most likely to respond with scheduled messages
  • Start conversations with multiple candidates, all at once
  • Work faster and smarter by taking advantage of the AI-powered chatbot so you can spend your time engaging in conversations with qualified candidates


As soon as we started texting, we saw an immediate increase in candidate response rate. They'd say, 'This is the easiest process I've ever used, so convenient.'

Scott Sendelweck
Director of Employment Brand, CHN

Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite

The end-to-end suite to help your organization attract, engage, recruit, hire, onboard, retain, and promote from within. Includes recruitment marketing, intelligent messaging, ATS, onboard, and more!

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