Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework & Assessment

Assess, Prioritize & Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Activities

Empower your team to evolve talent acquisition and deliver results. From initial assessment to specific action plans, leverage this award-winning tool to prioritize strategic areas for improvement.

Build a Roadmap to Mature Your Talent Acquisition Activities

Knowing where to start optimizing talent acquisition is difficult. The Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework empowers you to assess across three foundational pillars and 17 process areas to pinpoint where you can streamline activities and optimize connection points to drive business results. Uncover the people, processes, and technologies that will empower you to strengthen your function, gain efficiencies, and adapt to the needs of the dynamic labor market.

The Evolve Talent Acquisition Maturity Assessment

Let us help you complete the award-winning assessment to determine your organization’s talent acquisition maturity level. Find out your baseline so you can align your people, processes, and technologies around the process areas where your TA function has opportunities to evolve.

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Tap Into the Three Pillars of Talent Acquisition

Assess your function on the pillars of recruitment marketing, applicant management, and talent acquisition operations. Optimized recruitment marketing ensures you have a high-quality, engaged talent pool ready to convert into active candidates. Optimized applicant management ensures you can quickly assess, manage, and hire quality talent. And optimized TA operations ensures recruiting teams deliver and measure results for their business.

Align Your Strategies to Core Audiences

Talent acquisition is all about connecting with people. The Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework is centered on empowering organizations to identify, prioritize, and nurture audiences that are most important to their business results, including key talent audiences, strategic audiences, and relationship audiences.

Key Talent Audiences

These audiences have experiences and skill sets to fill high-volume jobs, geographically targeted jobs, or critical jobs like executive hiring.

Strategic Audiences

These are demographic groups that businesses want to attract, such as diverse candidates, veterans and military hiring, and university relations for students, grads, and interns. 

Relationship Audiences

These include candidates that the business already have a known relationship with, including internal employees, alumni, employee referrals, the contingent workforce, and past applicants, like silver medalists and high potential candidates. 

Reveal Your Level of Talent Acquisition Maturity

Level 1: Ad-Hoc Talent Acquisition

Teams operating at an Ad Hoc Maturity Level are highly reactive, with limited measurements in place and little recruitment marketing activity. They have minimal technology or integrations between technologies and instead rely on manual and paper processes that are not scalable. At this maturity level, people, processes, and technology aren’t aligned.

Level 2: Developing, But Disconnected Talent Acquisition

Teams operating at a Developing, But Disconnected Maturity Level have instituted some proactive and automated processes, including recruitment marketing and sourcing. They’re leveraging technology to support those processes, but their technologies aren’t entirely integrated. At this maturity level, teams are actively tracking and analyzing some performance metrics.

Level 3: Integrated & Efficient Talent Acquisition

Teams operating at an Integrated Maturity Level have optimized their people, processes, and technologies to proactively attract and engage talent with highly automated processes. They drive effective recruitment marketing and sourcing strategies, tactics, and programs. While they’ve fully integrated their technologies, analytics remain fragmented. 

Level 4: Streamlined & Advanced Talent Acquisition

At Level 4, companies have reached a Streamlined & Advanced Maturity Level, leading to activation of cutting-edge strategies, increased channels, micro targeting, and increased personalization of recruitment marketing. Full automation is pursued and achieved wherever possible. Advanced content marketing is now a real possibility.

See What Talent Acquisition Success Looks Like for Your Business

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“The opportunities and opportunity costs are high for employers. The time is now to understand maturity levels and build strategy and plans to address them. This self-assessment, like any, will illuminate short-and long-term opportunities and challenges, and help identify where to prioritize and invest, both from a resource and financial perspective.”

George LaRocque, Founder & Principal Analyst, WorkTech

Evolving Talent Acquisition at CDW

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Using the Evolve Talent Acquisition Framework as a guide, CDW advanced its technologies and strategies across specific process areas. As a result, CDW has seen improved application conversion rates, created a candidate experience that attracts more talent, and optimized their recruiting campaigns. 


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