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What is Automated Recruiting?

Automated recruiting is growing in popularity among busy recruiters who are looking to save time on their daily tasks. With today’s automation and AI technology, almost any step of the recruiting process can be automated. From sourcing, to scheduling interviews, and onboarding, automation helps cut out tedious tasks and free up time for TA professionals to focus on connecting with candidates and making high quality hires.

What are Automated Recruitment Tools?

Any tools that recruiters and TA professionals use to automate a task during the hiring process are automated recruitment tools. Automation and artificial intelligence play a big role in making these tasks more efficient in bringing in the right talent – and they’re fun to use, too. Below are some of the most popular automated tools in the world of recruiting.

  • Intelligent messaging – Text with candidates to set up interviews, take applications, and answer questions all through one platform through your desktop or mobile app. Automated messaging provides a great candidate experience and boasts a higher response rate than email or phone calls.
  • Chatbots – Gone are the days where candidates will wait around for a recruiter to respond to their questions. Chatbots automatically send messages to candidates on your website to answer questions and direct them to where they need to go. Use them to quickly communicate back and forth with potential applicants and convert them into hires in little time.
  • Interview scheduling – Take the pain out of coordinating and scheduling interviews by using automated scheduling. Provide candidates with pre-selected dates of availability and let them schedule an interview with a few clicks.

Why is Recruitment Automation Important?

It’s no secret that recruiters and TA professionals are bogged down with requisitions, unanswered messages, and pressure to hire the right talent as quickly as possible. Recruitment automation brings efficiency and improvement to the recruiting process, benefiting both recruiters and candidates. Automation built into your recruiting process will identify what can be improved, which is a win in an always-changing job market!

How Do You Automate a Hiring Process?

The key to automating any hiring process is to identify a baseline and then to set goals and metrics for the process. Start by tracking some common metrics such as time-to-hire and applicant conversion rate. After laying out goals and metrics, utilize automation and AI software to upgrade a process or task – for example, implementing automatic scheduling for interviews. Be sure to measure the progress over time to see what has improved and what improvements could be made in the future.

Tip: When adding automation to multiple processes and tasks, start with only one at a time to keep a close eye on the pains and wins of the new process. Then, scale your efforts!

More on Automated Recruiting

Automation improves the hiring process and allows recruiters to fill roles faster, communicate with candidates where they are, and hire top talent in a difficult market. To learn more about how automation can make recruiting smarter, check out Jobvite’s blog and resource library!