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What is a Career Site?

A career site is a way to show off your employer brand, communicate your company values, tell employee stories, and post open jobs. Career sites are used in recruitment marketing strategies to build employer brand and engage candidates.

Why are Career Sites Important?

Career sites are a way to build your employer brand and recruit top talent. They’re a window into your company culture – its values, diversity, news, and more. These sites will help engage candidates during their research and application process. A career site is the best way to communicate with candidates your employer value proposition as well as gain leads for open roles.

What is a Career Site Software?

Career sites can be built through site hosting software that allows you to track activity and leads, post job openings, and share content. The best career sites offer an easy apply process, offer targeted content, and show off your employer brand.

How Do I Create a Career Website?

A career website can sometimes be created through your talent acquisition suite, can be hosted by a third party, or even be a branch off your main website. Your site should include analytics and reporting to give information on source and activity of site visitors.

What Are the Best Career Websites?

The best career sites offer customization to fit your needs as well as other benefits. Your site should reflect your employer brand and a place for candidates to learn about your company and apply for open positions. A great career site should include many perks like:

  • White labeling/customization
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Personalized job recommendations for visitors
  • Personalized content for visitors
  • AI to match people with the right job
  • Mobile optimization
  • Built-in or RSS feed blog

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