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What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a strategy in recruiting that aims to improve your employer brand for better hiring. It involves nurturing, engaging, and hiring passive talent in your talent network often through an automated platform. Whether your company has 50 or 500 employees, it can benefit from a recruitment marketing strategy.

What is a Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

Recruitment marketing for an organization involves creating a marketing strategy for the benefit of recruitment. These strategies are meant to help build a strong employer brand to more easily recruit top talent. It involves communicating and nurturing relationships in your talent pipeline to have candidates ready when a role opens up. Recruiters create recruitment marketing content strategies to engage their talent network – some include content like employee stories and other insight on working for an organization. This helps candidates engage with a brand and get excited about working there.

What is the Best Recruitment Marketing Strategy?

A great recruitment marketing strategy involves targeted communication to your talent network to keep them engaged. No matter your industry, you should engage your talent pool to nurture relationships. Utilize tools like career sites, automated messaging, and analytics to sharpen your strategy. Below are elements of a great recruitment marketing strategy:

  • A strong employer brand
  • An engaging mobile-optimized career site
  • Easy apply process for candidates
  • A centralized database of passive talent
  • Automated messaging to targeted audiences
  • Content that will attract and engage diverse audiences
  • Continuous improvement through analytics and reporting

What is a Recruitment Marketing Platform?

The recruitment marketing platform is an essential part of recruiting technology. It allows you to engage individuals in your talent network to nurture relationships and make hiring easier. Recruitment marketing platforms have a candidate database and offers a personalized candidate experience. Platforms offer more than just a place for candidates to find jobs – they offer ways to implement AI to get better results. These platforms are a way to keep candidates warm and engaged with your brand while they wait for the right opportunity.

How Do I Succeed in Recruiting?

A successful recruiting strategy has many parts and relies on programs like recruitment marketing. Engaging your talent pool and keeping warm leads will shorten your time to fill as well as nurture top talent for your company. Gear your recruiting strategy towards your audience to best fit their communication needs – it will get better engagement and help you find the right talent! Successful recruiting programs include technology like:

  • A recruitment marketing platform
  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • A mobile-optimized career site
  • An onboarding solution
  • Automated messaging with candidates
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Employee referral and internal mobility solutions

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