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What is a Talent Pool?

A talent pool, or talent network, is a database of candidates that recruiters keep in contact with. These candidates come from sources like job events and past applications and are great candidates for future job postings. These candidates are great resources for hiring planning and can lower time to fill.

What is the Purpose of Talent Pools?

Talent pools are a great resource for recruiters to engage potential candidates to keep them interested in their company. Recruitment marketing strategies include frequent communication with talent pools to keep them updated on events in the company, new job postings that are a potential fit, and employer brand messaging.

How Do You Build an Effective Talent Pool?

The most effective talent pools are built through consistent communication with candidates. Recruiters use tools like automated messaging to send targeted, scheduled messages to their network with little effort. There are many best practices that TA professionals use to build quality talent pools – below are some of the most popular.

  • Keep contacts fresh by using engagement data to rotate out bad/old contacts.
  • Utilize targeted messaging to send relevant content and messaging at the right time.
  • Engage silver medalist candidates with relevant job postings and content.
  • Get feedback from applicants on your candidate experience to constantly improve.
  • Use targeted sourcing to find the right candidates for your DEI goals.

What Does ‘Moved to Talent Pool’ Mean?

During an application process, you may or may not be selected to interview for a role. At any step of the process, you may be moved out of the running and into a talent pool. This just means that a recruiter has saved your information for future job openings that could be a good fit. If you have a good experience with an employer during the interview process, be sure to sign up for job alerts! This will send you alerts for roles that you might be interested in applying to.

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