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Staffing HubRecruiters Embrace Agility to Fill Open Roles

Fox BusinessHiring is ‘more challenging than it has ever been’: Expert

Farm Futures | Bonnie JohnsonFor farm employees, pay matters

Forbes | Jack KellyA Worker Shortage And Companies Refusing To Offer Job Candidates Remote And Flexible Options Lead To Stressed Recruiters And Hiring Gridlock

Happy Hour Podcast | Steve Boese, Trish McFarlaneHR Happy Hour – Celebrating our 500th Episode – LIVE from the HR Tech Conference

Columbus Business First | Andy MediciThe great divide persists between managers and workers. It’s fueling turnover.

Career Sherpa | Hannah MorganSummary Sunday: Job Seeker Choices

Columbus Business First | Ty WestRemote work’s rise is disrupting hiring. Recruiters are adapting.

Workology | Jessica Miller-MerrellHR Tech 2021 Roundup: Announcements & More #HRTechConf

U.S. News & World Report | Tim SmartThe Labor Market Is Undergoing a Seismic Shift as Markets Await September’s Jobs Report

Ladders | Mahevash ShaikhHow to maintain your salary when you change careers

Ragan | Robby BrumbergHow HR pros are navigating ‘The Great Resignation’

Bisnow | Patrick SissonEmployers, Get Ready To Negotiate: Salary, Flexibility Demands Increase

Recruiting Daily | Mark FefferHCM Talent Technology Roundup October 1, 2021

HR Dive | Ryan GoldenIndeed: Job searches decline, but back-to-school season could reverse the trend


MSN | Nicole SpectorSecond Jobs Are Becoming More Popular — Here’s How To Pull Off This Juggling Act

HR Daily Advisor | Beck RanaHow Recruiters Are Able to Source Candidates Some Employers Can’t Reach

Essence | Jasmine BrowleyRecruiters Are Facing Challenges To Hire Millions Of Candidates In The ‘Great Resignation Age’

Staffing Industry AnalystsApplicants turn down interviews/job offers for some organizations lacking in DE&I

HRTech SeriesJobvite’s 2021 Recruiter Nation Report Reveals New Levels Of Agility In Recruiting

HR Dive | Caroline ColvinFortune 500 company job postings are clunky, audit finds

Human Resource Executive | Phil AlbinusHR Tech Number of the Day: Job application hurdles

HRTech SeriesJobvite Included As Platinum Member Of LinkedIn’s ATS Preferred Partner Program

Thrive Global | William Arruda3 Things to Consider When Seeking a Job During the War for Talent

HRTech SeriesJobvite Finds Nearly 85% Of Fortune 500 Organizations Lack Optimized Job Application Processes

Human Resource ExecutiveHR Tech and ‘HRE’ announce the 2021 Top HR Products



JellyfishJobvite increases Engineering throughput by 80% with Jellyfish


ERE | Amy HughesStable Recruiting Practices in an Unstable World

The Software ReportThe Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020

Indianapolis Business Journal | Tom Harton2020 CTO of the Year: Jared Adams

HuffPost | Monica TorresWhy ‘Culture Fit’ Is A Failed Idea In American Hiring

Industry Today | Jeffrey K. RohrsHow Manufacturers Can Improve Recruiting Efforts

AARP | Gwen MoranFind the Jobs No One Else Knows About


SHRM | Karen J. BannanEmployers Adopt Virtual Tools for Campus Recruiting

Recruiting Daily | William TincupFireside chat with William Tincup & Aman Brar of Jobvite

College Recruiter | Brianne ThomasThree Tips for Recruiting Entry-Level Positions, Internships Amid COVID-19

HR Dive | Sheryl EstradaJobvite acquires AI, data science team to accelerate recruiting

HCM Technology Report | Mark FefferJobvite Bulks Up Data Science Team With Purchase of Analytics Firm

HR Toolbox | Aman BrarHow to Successfully Adapt to a World of Remote Recruiting


Forbes | Shelley SmithWhy Now Is Not The Time To Cut Your Employee Engagement And Company Culture Budgets

Entrepreneur | Jessica ThomasHow the Behavior of Job-Seekers Has Changed Since February (Infographic)

Fast Company | Beck BambergerHow 6 CEOs are attracting senior talent during the COVID-19 crisis

Forbes | Robin RyanJames Hinchcliffe On Overcoming Career Challenges After Near-Fatal Crash

TecHR Series | Paroma SenHiring During The Time of a Pandemic

Fox Business | James T. Areddy (The Wall Street Journal)Job Recruitment Adopts Social Distancing as Coronavirus Alters Practices

InHerSight | Emily McCrary-Ruiz-EsparzaWhy Employee Reviews Are Critical to Your Brand Management Efforts

Undercover Recruiter | Jörgen SundbergHow the Pandemic Has Dramatically Shifted Candidate Attitudes

SmartDreamers7 Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition in 2020

Monster | Rod McMillanPrepare for a Video Job Interview

YouTern | Hannah Morgan2020 Job Seeker Nation Study: What You Need to Know

PCMA | Curt WagnerHow to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview During the Pandemic

MarketWatch | Nancy CollamerThe best side gigs you can do from home

TalentBoardJobvite Returns as North American Platinum Sponsor of 2020 Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research Program

RecruitingDaily | Ryan LearyJobvite CMO Jeff Rohrs – The Jobseeker Nation Survey and What Recruiting Can Learn From Marketing

TEMPO | Laila Afifa4 Ways to Get a Job amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Ladders | Jennifer FabianoThis is how coronavirus has shifted the power in the job market


CNBC | Scott SteinbergCoronavirus hiring: How recruiters are selecting and interviewing job candidates during the pandemic

Inc. | Marcel Schwantes3 Sure Ways to Get the Best Performance Out of Your Employees



Fast Company | Shireen JafferFrustrated by the job hunt? These surprising numbers show it’s not you, it’s the system

Business Insider | Shireen JafferAfter getting 1.4 million views on LinkedIn, this college grad is still looking for a job. Here’s why the job hunt is such a struggle

SHRM | Arlene HirschIs Conversational Recruiting the Solution to Finding Millennial Talent?

Recruiting Daily | Matt SingerThe Bear Market is Coming. So, what comes next for recruiting?


The Motley Fool | Maurie BackmanWorkers Value Parental Leave — So Why Aren’t They Using It?

Recruiting Daily | Matt SingerCompetition for Talent is Fierce – But the Hiring Rush is One-Sided

Fast Company | Jared LindzonHow Work Became the Millennial Religion of Choice

The Motley Fool | Maurie Backman29% of Workers Leave a Job Within 90 Days. Here’s How to Prevent That From Happening at Your Company

The Motley Fool | Maurie BackmanHow to Turn a Part-Time Gig Into a Full-Time Job

The Motley Fool | Maurie Backman1 Risky but Rewarding Tactic You Might Use to Negotiate a Higher Salary

The Ladders | Sheila McclearSurvey: Career Growth Prioritized Over Salary

The Motley Fool | Maurie Backman8 Essential Benefits Job Candidates Look for Today

Benefits Pro | Katie Kuehner-HebertForget the Money, Today’s Job Seekers Want Career Opportunities

HR DIVE | Valerie Bolden-BarrettCareer Growth Trumps Pay for Most Workers, Survey Finds


Business News Daily | Andrew MartinsStudy: What Job Seekers Want

Fistful of Talent | Rachel BitteWorkers’ Job Hunting Habits in 2019, and What You Can Learn From Them

Search HR Software | Patrick ThibodeauBig Firms Hire Fast, and Fire More

HR DIVE | Riia O'DonnellUnderstanding Talent’s ‘Build or Buy’ Conundrum

The Wall Street Journal | Chip CutterThe Debate in HR: What’s the Best Way to Fire Someone?


SHRM | Roy MaurerRecruiting Is Tougher in 2019

ERE | Joel CheesmanJobvite Swings for Fences, Acquires Talemetry, RolePoint, and Canvas

TechCrunch | Ingrid LundenJobvite raises $200M+ and acquires three recruitment startups to expand its platform play


AARP | Kenneth TerrellWhat Matters More: Your Résumé or LinkedIn?

Business News Daily | Saige DriverHow Salary Negotiations Impact Recruiters’ Views of Candidates

diginomica | Jon ReedJobvite on finance transformation, cloud financials, and the push for a strategic finance team

Business News Daily | Saige DriverThe 6 Benefits That Attract Top Talent

Business News Daily | Saige DriverHow to Market Your Job Postings



Business News Daily | Saige DriverWhat to Do if You Think You’re Underpaid

U.S. News | Hannah MorganHow Companies Recruit in 2018

Forbes | Kaytie ZimmermanHere’s Why Employees Are Quitting More Than Ever Before


CNBC | Barbara BoothTop career coach reveals 9 powerful ways to leverage LinkedIn and land a dream job


Business Insider | Rachel Premack13 things successful people do in the first 3 months at a new job


SHRM | Roy Maurer 2017 Recruiting Data Shows Fewer Job Applicants, More Hires

Entrepreneur | Lydia BelangerWhat Employees, Employers and Job Hunters Should Look for When It Comes to Workplace Harassment Policies


Market Watch | Quentin Fottrell & Kari PaulThe gender pay gap applies to Uber drivers too


Wall Street Journal | Vanessa FuhrmansA Tight Labor Market Turns ‘Silver Medalists’ Into Winners

Fistful of Talent | Rachel BitteThe Recruiting Landscape is Changing, Here’s How Your Strategy Can Change With It

January | Jason McdowellRecruiters Have a Good Feeling About the Future of Automation

Social Hire | Donna MooresWhy Social Media May Harm Your Job Search and How To Avoid It

Forbes | Phyllis CohenJob Recruiter: Friend Or Frenemy?

U.S. News and World Report | Rachel Bitte4 Ways to Crush Your Job and Still Have a Personal Life



Fistful of Talent | Rachel BitteThe Unexpected Downsides of Hiring for ‘Culture Fit’

Money | Kristen BahlerThis Is the Only Farewell Email You Need to Send When Leaving Your Job

ERE | Dr. John Sullivan7 Revealing Numbers Guaranteed to Make You Rethink Talent Management | Jason McDowell4 Dos and Don’ts for Both Sides of the Interview Table

Recruiting TimesRecruiters reveal what they would like from AI and Automation in the hiring process

Forbes | Thomas GriffinFour Strategies For Finding And Retaining Top Development Talent


Business News Daily | Saige DriverGot Job Hoppers? How to Adapt to Modern Turnover Rates

Human Resource Executive Online | Andrew R. McIlvaineForging a New Path: The relationship between hiring managers and recruiters at many organizations appears to be broken. What can be done to fix it?

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanStop! You’re Setting up Your Hiring Manager to Fail!

SHRM | Roy MaurerSurvey: Recruiters Not So Worried About Automation

Mashable | Rachel BitteHow to get a job at: Blizzard

SHRM | Roy MaurerSurvey: Male Recruiters More Likely to Judge Candidates on Appearance

Business Insider | Áine Cain7 interview mistakes that will ruin your hopes of landing a job at Google, Facebook, and Apple


The Penny Hoarder | Carson KohlerAre Cover Letters Dying? Maybe, But Here’s Why You Should Write Them Anyway

CNBC | Catherine CampoDon’t make this $5,000 job mistake

Business News Daily | Saige Driver5 Things to Never Do During a Job Interview

The Muse | Rachel BitteThe Realistic Way to Bounce Back When You’re Passed Over for a Promotion

MarketWatch | Kari PaulWant a $10 return on every $1 spent? Help your colleagues with this critical issue…

U.S. News & World Report | Rachel BitteHow to Be Your Own Career Coach

The Ladders | Jane BurnettThese are the biggest mistakes recruiters see during job interviews


Forbes | Lisa Rabasca Roepe5 Differences In How Male And Female Recruiters Evaluate Candidates

Business Insider | Áine Cain12 things recruiters say drive them crazy in job interviews

HR DIVE | Tess TaylorRecruiters say hiring managers slow things down

Forbes | Lisa Rabasca RoepeThree Ways To Use Social Media To Impress Recruiters

U.S. News & World Report | Hannah Morgan8 Things You Should Never Do at a Job Interview

Career Sherpa | Hannah MorganWhat Recruiters Look For When Hiring in 2017

International Business Times. | Lydia O'NealTech Workers ‘Own Their Lives’ Through Freelancing, Study Says

NY Post | Catey HillThese job recruiters are judging you by your outfits

Bustle | Mia MercadoAm I In The Right Career? 7 Signs It’s Not A Good Fit, According To Experts

Forbes | Carmine GalloThree Traits Recruiters Find Most Desirable In Face-to-Face Job Interviews

MarketWatch | Kari PaulThe one thing never to do during a job interview

SHRM | Roy MaurerAssessing Recruitment Conversion Rates Can Lead to Better Hires

Harvard Business Review | Robert GlazerAs Your Company Evolves, What Happens to Employees Who Don’t?

MarketWatch | Erin LowryWhat strategic job-hopping can do for your career

Business Insider | Áine CainThe 2 worst mistakes you could make in a job interview, according to an ex-Apple recruiter

Forbes | Kara GoldinHiring Hints: Five Ways To Always Get The Right Person For The Job

Business Insider | Áine CainAn ex-Apple recruiter says there’s an unexpected dark side to hiring for ‘culture fit’

August | Matthew Kosinski The 10 Types of Recruiter: Which One Are You?

Business Insider | Áine Cain3 questions that will instantly boost your negotiation skills, according to an ex-Apple recruiter

MarketWatch | Kari PaulWhat the Google ‘anti-diversity’ memo got right

Fortune | Rachel BitteWhat Google Should Have Learned From Uber About Handling an HR Crisis

The Wall Street Journal | Sue ShellenbargerUse Your Seat to Get Ahead at Work


Forbes | J. Maureen HendersonMillennial Women Put Pragmatism Ahead Of Passion In Their Careers

US News & World Report | Rachel Bitte5 Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Game for Recruiters

Fast Company | Jared LindzonWhy Is There A Gender Gap In Side Hustles?

Forbes | Lisa Rabasca RoepeThis Is How Job Seekers Negotiate For A Higher Salary

ERE Media | Joel CheesmanATS Executives Sound Off on Google Hire

Mashable | Rachel BitteHow to get a job at: Havas

NY Post | Virginia BackaitisUse these savvy tricks to negotiate a better job offer

NBC News | Jean Chatzky4 Key Steps to Finding — and Snagging — Your Dream Job

QUARTZ | Oliver StaleySmart employers don’t let job applications disappear into a black hole


QUARTZ | Oliver StaleyInstagram is now a potent job hiring tool

SHRM | Roy MaurerJob Seekers Feel More Threatened by Human Competition than Robots

Mashable | Rachel BitteHow to get a job at: Getty Images

Forbes | Kaytie Zimmerman8 Ways To Retain Female Talent After Maternity Leave

Bustle | Natalia LusinskiThe Most Common Side Hustles Among Millennial Women, From Dogsitting To Airbnb-ing


Forbes | Michelle RiklanIt’s Time To Spring Clean Your Resume And LinkedIn Profile

Fast Company | Anisa Purbasari HortonHow To Advance Your Career In A Crappy Entry-Level Job

CNBC | Kathleen Elkins75% of employees aren’t taking a crucial step to get rich

CNBC | Kathleen Elkins71% of employees are missing out on a simple way to earn more money

TLNT | China GormanYour Employees Are Testing the Job Market

CNBC | Ester Bloom Only half of job seekers negotiate, but those who do usually succeed | China GormanThe Workforce: Not As Simple as Red or Blue, Male or Female, or Generation

Marketwatch | Kari PaulMake this mistake at work and you’re likely to make your life miserable

AdWeek | Kimberlee MorrisonIs Instagram the New LinkedIn for Young Workers?

Business News Daily | Adam C. UzialkoAfter Hours: Working Late and Second Jobs Are More Common Than Ever

MarketWatch | Kari PaulMost women don’t do this at work — and it costs them $1 million

The Tim Sackett Project | Contributor‘Divided America’ is a myth – @Jobvite 2017 Job Seeker Nation

US News | Hannah MorganHow Do You Compare? A Look at Today’s Job Seeker

Forbes | Susan P. JoyceTo Be Hired, You First Must Be Found

Mashable | Rachel BitteHow to get a job at: Trek Bicycles

Money-ish | Catey Hill58% of young job seekers don’t bother sending a cover letter

The Business Journal | David A. ArnottKeep interviewing after you hire — because your new employee is still looking around

Forbes | Lisa Rabasca Roepe5 Ways To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

ERE | Todd Raphael$11 Million? My Oh Mya


Recruiting Daily | Phil StrazzullaThe Best Around: The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in Talent Today

US News | Rachel BitteHow to Embrace the Idea of Failing Upward

Business News Daily | Sammi CaramelaIs Your Office Dress Code Reasonable?

Inc. | Nicolas ColeWant to Keep Your Millennial Employees? You Have to Be Willing to Offer Them This 1 Thing | Nader Mowlaee5 Effective Techniques for Recruiting Passive Candidates

The Muse | Rachel Bitte3 Ways You’re Letting Your Imposter Syndrome Sabotage Your Career


Refinery 29 | Judith OhikuareWant The Job? Then This Is The Email You Need To Write

Money Magazine | Martha C. White5 Books That Recruiters Say You Must Read — Even if You Don’t Need a Job

NBC News | Nicole SpectorAfter Sexual Harassment Claims at Uber and Tesla, Is Silicon Valley Prone to Discrimination?

Entrepreneur | Heather R. Huhman6 Overlooked Ways Small Companies Can Compete for Big Talent | Bob McIntosh5 Steps to Take When Using LinkedIn to Network for a Job

TLNT | Ian CookIs Your Diversity Recruitment Struggling? Maybe You’re Making These Mistakes


The Muse | Rachel Bitte4 Questions Smart People Ask About Side Gigs (So They Don’t Lose Their Jobs)

Huffington Post | Sheri Thomas2017 Best Career Apps & Websites To Land Your Next Job

The Muse | Stacey LastoeThe Job Search Strategy That’ll Make You 15 Times More Likely to Be Hired


FastCompany | Gwen MoranThis is What Recruiters Look For On Your LinkedIn Profile

Forbes | Daniel Bortz9 Smart Career Moves To Earn A Raise, Get A New Job And More In 2017

Glamour | Jillian KramerThis Is the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Get a New Job

Fast Company | Jared LindzonWhat You Should Do After Getting Fired

Forbes | Lisa Rabasca RoepeFollow These 4 Steps To Find A New Job

U.S. News | Rachel BitteHow to Deal With an Office Romance Gone Sour | Jason McDowell Recruiters Must Take Action to Protect Private Data

Recruiting Times | Contributor2017 Hiring trends – How Hirers find scarce Talent in the digital age

TLNT | Jody OrdioniHow to Become An Employer of Choice This Year

HubSpot | Eddie Shleyner17 of the Best Tools to Find and Interview Remote Candidates

Huffington Post | Jane JacksonIf Your New Year’s Resolution Is To Get A New Job, Here’s How



HR Dive | Tess TaylorAfter year of acquisitions, what does 2017 hold for job boards?

Recruiter | Peter MooreWhat to Do When You Have More Applicants Than You Can Handle

Recruiter | Samantha LococoJobvite’s Survey Reveals Fierce Competition, Evolving Strategies in a Divided Time

US News & World Report | Rachel BitteSecrets From the HR Department: How to Negotiate Your Salary

Fast Company | Lisa Rabasca RoepeHow These Companies Offer Free Food Without Making Staff Fat


Entrepreneur | Heather HuhmanWhy You Need to Think ‘Tools’ When Hiring, Not Just ‘the Job Post’

SHRM | Meg GuiseppiViewpoint: Searching for a New Job? Mind Your Online Reputation

Harvard Business Review | Dan FinniganRobots and Automation May Not Take Your Desk Job After All

Entrpreneur | Matt Straz3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company’s Success

The Muse | Rachel BitteA Realistic Plan for Making Peace With a Co-worker You Can’t Stand


Entrepreneur | Heather HuhmanHow You’re Creating Your Own Talent Shortage

New York Post | Virginia BackaitisThe 4 Mistakes Guaranteed to Cost you Your Dream Job

The Muse | Rachel BitteFair or Not, Here’s What Recruiters Really Think About You

Business Insider | Peter FarquharI Let This Company Analyse my Social Media Profile to See if I’m a Risky Hire. Here’s What it Found

US News and World Report | Hannah MorganNew Help for Busy Job Seekers

Time | Kristen BahlerHow to Defuse Trump-Style “Locker Room” Talk at the Office

International Business Times | Lydia O'Neal How Hard Is It To Get A Job? The Power Of Referrals When It Comes To Getting Hired


CNET | Alfred NgDonald Trump’s Social Media Would Doom Him in a Job Interview

ERE | Ronen Shetelboim3 Steps To Become A Metrics-Driven Recruiter

US News and World Report | Hannah MorganHow Job Seekers Should Respond to Recruiting Trends

Bloomberg | Rebecca GreenfieldThe Cover Letter Refuses to Die

SHRM | Roy MaurerMore Recruiters Raising Salary Offers to Close Candidates

Adweek | Kimberlee MorrisonJob Seekers: What’s on Your Social Profile Can Hurt Your Prospects (Report)

The Muse | Rachel BitteHow to Solve an Office Conflict (Without Relying on HR to Do All Your Dirty Work)

Entrepreneur | Dan FinniganWhy Alma Maters Matter Less Than You Think, in a Good Way

New York Times | Patricia CohenSlower Growth in Jobs Report May Give Fed Pause on Interest Rates


Business 2 Community | Suzanna ColbergGuiding Your Employee Referral Program with Data

ERE | Ninh TranA Hidden Reason Why 90 Percent Of Startups Die

CareerCloud | Rachel BittePodcast with Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer: Job Hunting While at Work

The Muse | Rachel BitteAll Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered

Inc | Helena BallBehind the Explosive Growth of Gig Economy Workers (Infographic)

The Muse | Contributor5 Valid Reasons to Apply for a Temp Job During a Long (Frustrating) Job Search


The New York Times | Vindu Goel and Michael J. de la MercedYahoo’s Sale to Verizon Ends an Era for a Web Pioneer

PR Web | Ike JablonGetApp Releases its List of the Top 25 Applicant Tracking Apps for Q3 2016

Undercover Recruiter | StaffHow Happy Job-Hoppers are Growing the Gig Economy

Reuters | Deborah M. Todd and Jeffrey Dastin Silicon Valley’s Yahoo diaspora mourns company’s decline

Business Journals | Dana Manciagli 4 job-search myths that can hold you back from your dream job

The Muse | ContributorAll Your Tricky Questions About Job Hunting on the Job, Answered

TLNT | Rachel BitteThe 4 Metrics You Must Track (And What To Do With Them)


MarketWatch | Kathleen BurkeWhat Employers Can —and Can’t — Ask When It Comes to Background Checks

Entrepreneur | Matt StrazThis Is What Happens When Employees Find Meaning at Work

New York Post | Virginia Backaitis5 Ways to Get Your Résumé Out From Under the Slush Pile

New York Post | Virginia BackaitisHaving a Professional Presence Online is Crucial

New York Times | Patricia Cohen and Binyamin AppelbaumSharp Fall in U.S. Hiring Saps Chance of Fed Rate Increase in June


Harvard Business Review | Amy GalloWhat to Say and Do When Your Employee Has Another Job Offer

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanHow To Use Snapchat To Get A Job

Fast Company | Graeme Austen4 Steps To Landing A Job Referral Without Any Insider Connections

Entrepreneur | Matt StrazHere’s What ‘Employer Branding’ Should Look Like on Company Career Platforms

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhat About Offboarding?


The Next Web | Michael Gugel3 disastrous HR mistakes your startup should avoid at all costs

The Wall Street Journal | Joanna SternIgnoring LinkedIn Is Hurting Your Career

Parade | StaffBy the Numbers: Interesting Facts About Jobs and Income

Parade | Kathleen McCleary5 Must-Knows About Millennial Managers

San Francisco Chronicle | Wendy LeeScience of layoffs: The new thinking for dropping the hatchet

TIME | Caroline Ceniza-Levine10 Ways To Use Social Media To Supercharge Your Job Search

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanWhy Certain Facebook Friends Can Boost Your Chance Of Landing A New Job


Inc. | Gene Marks17 Great Technologies To Help You Find And Perk Your Employees

US News & World Report | Robin Madell Here’s Exactly What Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume

The Muse | Adrian Granzella Larssen55% of Hiring Managers Don’t Read Cover Letters—Here’s How to Get Their Attention

AdWeek | Kimberlee MorrisonHow Does Social Media Play Into Today’s Job Search?

CBS MoneyWatch | Aimee PicchiMillennials: Free food at work, but no health care

CNBC Mad Money | StaffJobvite CEO: The Employment Pulse

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhat to Do When Good Talent Has Suspicious Social Media

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanWhy New Moms And Dads Aren’t Taking Their Paid Parental Leave

Quartz | Alice TruongWorkers in their 20s are more likely to get free food than health insurance

TIME – MONEY | Martha C. WhiteSee How Many of Your Co-Workers Think It Would be Easy to Get a New Job

VICE | Harry CheadleThe Future of Work Is Free Snacks, No Benefits, and Looking for Jobs from Your Bed

U.S. News & World Report | Hannah Morgan5 Ways to Beat the Competition When Looking for a Job


The New York Times | Katie BennerCaution Rebuffed, Unicorns and Other Start-Ups Fixate on Rainbows

Entrepreneur | Zach Cutler4 Reasons to Love Twitter

Fast Company | Rebecca GatesmanHow To Hire (And Keep) Female Developers

Fast Company | Lydia DishmanNew Recruiting Platform Uses Anonymous Profiles To Help Tech Companies Find Talent


Business Insider | Molly TriffinRecruiters explain 6 social media habits that could cost you the job

The Street | Kistin Colella10 Tips to Land a New Job When You’re Over 50

Forbes | Jan Bruce 5 Workplace Culture Trends You Can’t Ignore

Fortune | Heather ClancyWe Want You 2.0? Talent War Reshapes Recruiting Software

TIME | Daniel Bortz5 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 30s

IB Times Australia | Geraldine Chua 7 biggest business apps of 2016 – From Slack to Atlassian’s Confluence, HipChat

TIME | Daniel Bortz7 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 20s

Forbes | Alaina Tweddale3 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation



Bustle | Marlen Komar7 Ways to Be Competitive at Work Without Being a Jerk

Huffington Post | Molly OwensNetworking: How To Make Your Personality Work For You

Human Resources Online | StaffCase study: How GroupM achieved a 93% job offer acceptance rate | Rick RiddleSocial Media: the Best Option for Finding the People You Need

SmartCEO | StaffHow to Build an Infectious Company Culture

The Business Journal | Matthew Bellows3 Ways to Survive the B2B Sales Talent Shortage

Small Biz Trends | StaffHow Important Are Employee Benefits When Recruiting?


The Muse | Rachel BitteThe 3 Keys to Being Competitive in Your Career – Without Creating Enemies

BBC | Elizabeth GaroneWhat to do when you’ve accepted a job, then change your mind

Business News Daily | Marci Martin5 Simple, Proven Ways to Hire Better Employees

Forbes | Staff4 Ways to Become Known as a Career Builder — and Not a Job Hopper


TIME | Martha C. WhiteHere’s How Long It Really Takes to Get a Job

Entrepreneur | Andre Lavoie4 Ways to Tell If Job Candidates Are Telling the Truth

CIO | Sarah K. White5 ways to use Facebook Groups to grow your professional network

The Telegraph | Helena PozniakIt Pays to Be Smart with Social Media

Business Insider | Rachel Bitte4 Ways to Make Sure Employers Don’t Think You’re a Job Hopper

The Muse | Rachel Bitte4 Ways to Become Known as a Career Builder

GigaOm | StaffFrom warehouse to cubicle farm: Exploring Amazon’s employee feedback system


Fast Company | Elizabeth SegranJob Recruiters Don’t Care About Your GPA or Cover Letter

Undercover Recruiter | StaffHow Recruiters Find Top Talent in 2015 [STUDY]

AdWeek SocialTimes | Kimberlee MorrisonSurvey: 92% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates

Quartz | Alice TruongMore proof that when it comes to hiring, it’s who you know that matters

Fresh Business Thinking | Matt Singer4 Steps to becoming a social recruiting sage | China GormanIt’s All About the Recruiters

Forbes | Susan AdamsYour GPA And Cover Letter Don’t Matter In The Job Search, Survey Says

Human Resources Online | StaffA quarter of recruiters are turned off by candidates’ selfies

US News | Hannah MorganHere’s How Recruiters Really Fill Jobs

Toronto Star | Elizabeth BromsteinWhere recruiters look first for new hires and what they look for

TLNT | Tim SackettHow Google Has Now Brainwashed Us All About Hiring | Evelyn Xu4 Creative Ways to Find and Engage With Job Candidates

Forbes | Kate Ashford8 Social Media Mistakes That Are Sinking Your Job Search

PayScale | Jen Hubley LuckwaldtCover Letters Probably Don’t Matter, But You Still Need One

Career Sherpa | Hannah Morgan2015 Recruiting Trends To Watch | Megan TurchiWhat you should know about recruiters before your job search


ERE | John ZappeHow many job seekers to make a hire?

CBS News | Len RamirezSan Jose State Alums Beat Out Elite School Grads For Tech Jobs


NBC News | Scott BudmanSan Jose State University is Top School for Most Silicon Valley Hires

Huffington Post | Ray Rogers5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job

Information Age | Ben RossiThe right to request flexible working: one year on, has anything changed?

Fortune | Stacey HigginbothamTreat recruitment like you treat your sales: Build a talent funnel

Business News Daily | Nicole FallonWhat Increased Job Hopping Means for Employers

Business Insider | Biz CarsonThe 20 universities that are most likely to land you a job in Silicon Valley

IDG | StaffC-suite career advice: Daniel Finnigan, Jobvite

HR Review | Lisa ProctorHow mobile is changing the face of recruitment


The Wall Street Journal | Sue ShellenbargerHow Many Team-Building Hiking Trips Can Your Marriage Take?

Huffington Post | Margaret Jacoby8 Recruitment Myths Preventing You from Finding the Best

U.S. News | Robin MadellThe 3 Biggest Social Media Snafus That Can Cost You the Job

CBS News | Jill SchlesingerFor job seekers, the hunt is increasingly digital


BBC | Alina Dizik11 Reasons this is a Terrible Resume for a College Grad

Yahoo News | StaffSelfie Sabotage: What Millennials Don’t Understand About Social Media


Business Insider | Jacquelyn Smith and Mike Nudelman 11 Reasons this is a Terrible Resume for a College Grad

QZ | Max NisenYahoo has a bad habit of buying talent through acquisitions

Entrepreneur | Deborah Baimas5 Ways to Better Leverage Your Referrals to Hire Top Talent

HR Grapevine | Emma JacksonRecruiters must adapt to changing jobs market

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhy Texting is the New Email in the Hiring Process

Forbes | Chris KlundtCollege Acceptance Letters Out But Are You In For The Debt?

Fox Risk & Reward | StaffWhat the March jobs report means for millennials

Huffington Post | Val MattaWork-Life Balance: How to Deliver What Your Employees Want


U.S. News | Miriam Salpeter4 Reasons Job Seekers Should Have a Personal Website

Forbes | Meghan M. BiroRecruiting In-Demand Talent Is About Relationships And Trust

xconomy | Bernadette TanseyTech Pup of the Day: Jobvite’s Pancake

Lifehacker | Andy OrinCareer Spotlight: What I Do as a Front-End Web Developer

Entrepreneur | Heather R. HuhmanWhich Type of Interview Is Best for Your Company?

Business News Daily | Nicole Fallon7 Reasons Happy Workers Quit Their Jobs

U.S. News | Hannah Morgan5 New Tech Trends in Job Searching

OnRec | StaffSocial Media vs. Job Boards – The Future of Recruiting

Marketplace | Mitchell Hartman2015 the best job market in years for tech grads

Quartz | Alice TruongThe oddball ways tech companies welcome you on your first day of work

Marketplace | Mitchell Hartman2015 college graduates face best job market in years

Marketplace | Mitchell HartmanYoung tech workers sought in tightening labor market

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